New at the Shop

Who doesn’t like office supplies? If you raised your hand, you clearly haven’t met the right ones. The Museum Shop has a fantastic selection ranging from portfolios to pads to writing implements. Highlights include Italian leather portfolios ($116) in assorted colors—these sleek document folders will instantly make you feel especially good about the work you’re carrying between their very nice covers. If you’re looking for a durable, affordable case for your tablet, the Mighty Case Tablet ($20) is made of tear-resistant, water-resistant Tyvek® (as in express mail envelopes).  For those of you who still can’t get used to the paperless concept, iDeal Notepads are for you. There’s a writing pad that attaches to your iPhone with an elastic ($15) and another for your iPad ($20). For the hopelessly organized, the My Week/Mega Sticky Notes ($11) lets you plot out your week on large-format sticky pages. As each week ends, peel it off and move to the next. No looking back. Plain, thin-ruled, no-nonsense notebooks with nice paper are not that easy to come by, which makes the MMMG thin notebook a nice find ($8). And finally, working off this motif, take your office with you into the cocktail hour with a set of four black-and-white keyboard coasters ($20), which are exactly what you’d expect—an image of a portion of a keyboard, reproduced as a moisture-resistant coaster. For more information, contact or 305.535.2680.


iDeal Notepads for the non-paperless are available in The Museum Shop