Recent Acquisitions on View

A wide-ranging and thought-provoking selection of recent acquisitions is on view in a dedicated gallery as part of the updated exhibition Art and Design in the Modern Age: Selections from The Wolfsonian Collection (ADMA), located on the museum’s fifth floor. The installation showcases works acquired during the past several years, both through donations and museum purchase.

Works include a 1918 poster urging viewers to “Beat Back the Hun with Liberty Bonds,” a 1930s poster promising that if one drinks milk “It Does Your Work for You,” a 1904 drawing of a burial scene in Manchuria during the Russo-Japanese War, a c. 1940 advertising display card for Colman’s Semolina, and a c. 1945 victory-themed matchbook. The examples mentioned are just a few of the almost three dozen objects on display. 

The items on view are organized in thematically based on donations of collections. The donations highlighted in the installation include:

  • A group of posters from the First World War donated by Henry S. Hacker.
  • A collection of 1930s posters urging viewers to drink milk. The posters were published by the National Dairy Council and gifted by Dennis W. Wilhelm and Michael D. Kinerk.
  • Drawings documenting the Russo-Japanese and Greco-Turkish wars donated by Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf. Also on view is a selection of period publications about foreign nations or military conflicts related to China and to the Boer and Russo-Japanese wars—it, too, is a gift from the Sharfs.
  • Tin product containers from the 1930s gifted by Jewel Stern.
  • Display cards advertising a range of products from Jeffrey H. Flemings.
  • A collection of victory-themed items that feature either the word “victory” or the letter “V” from the Second World War, a gift of Victory Gold Levi.


Poster, To-day Buy that Liberty Bond, 1917
Sidney H. Riesenberg (American, 1885–1971), designer
U.S. Treasury, publisher (attributed)
The Wolfsonian–FIU,
Gift of Henry S. Hacker