Summer at the Shop

Included in the shop’s extensive selection of books are some very interesting and inspirational monographs. Why not dedicate the summer to art? Why not choose a particular artist or group of artists to study in depth? Why not jump right in and start with the 672-page monograph Alexander Girard by Todd Oldham and Kiera Coffee ($200), published by AMMO Books. “Above all, we should be self dependent in creative ideas, not strive to be ‘different’ or create ‘new’ and original effects. We should sincerely create that which is utterly contemporary and practical and in perfect harmony with the aesthetic and spiritual tradition of our people.” These words of Girard’s are a fitting introduction to the work of the multidisciplinary designer. Whether you are new to Girard’s colorful, vibrant designs or are revisiting his work, this hefty monograph is a great way to immerse yourself in the designer’s world. The book presents twenty-three hundred images, many previously unpublished. Familiar works include Girard’s colorful textile designs for Herman Miller and his work for BANIFF airlines.

In a similar vein, Charley Harper’s Animal Kingdom ($100), also with work selected by Todd Oldham and published by AMMO Books, gathers together the illustrator’s representations of animals created over more than sixty years, many of them previously unpublished. Of birds, Harper noted: “I didn’t see scapulars, auriculars, and primaries, tail coverts, tarsi, none of that. I saw exciting shapes, color combinations, patterns, textures, fascinating behavior, and endless possibilities for making interesting pictures.”

In shop news, you should know about our summer sale, which features limited amounts of constantly rotating items, all at fifty percent off. These are great deals, and the merchandise goes quickly, so next time you come by, be sure to check out the shelves of sales items! For more information, contact the Museum Shop at or 305.535.2680. 


Alexander Girard 
Todd Oldham and Kiera Coffee ($200) 
Published by AMMO Books.