Welcoming Subatomic Sandwiches to The Wolfsonian

For quite some time, it has been difficult to get a truly good sandwich in Miami, and still more difficult to get a truly good sub—the city is a wasteland when it comes to worthy sandwiches, according to Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog. Until now. With the recent opening of Subatomic Sandwiches in The Wolfsonian’s café, it is now possible to get a variety of stellar sandwiches. What makes these sandwiches so special? Everything… There are no run-of-the-mill deli meats or standard condiments to be found on the menu. Instead, the meats, sauces, condiments, and accompaniments are all homemade. Take the duck Cuban sandwich ($11), featuring duck ham, mustard caviar, and pickles. The duck ham is brined, lightly smoked, thinly sliced duck breast. The slow cooked flat iron steak sandwich ($9.50) takes roast beef to a new level by starting with a flat iron steak, cooking it extremely slowly, then pairing it with crispy shallots and homemade dressing. All sandwiches are served on hoagie rolls baked fresh daily. The menu also features salads, a soup of the day, and daily specials. 

“We source the best ingredients we can find, and we treat them well. We are so blessed in South Florida with a growing season from late November to early April, and our menu highlights those great ingredients,” says Chef Jeremiah. He cites recent seasonal salad specials, including one with local heirloom tomatoes and radishes and another of local heirloom carrots, shaved and tossed with miso and sesame, as well as a smoked duck and corn chowder with local corn.

Chef Jeremiah is perhaps best known for gastroPod, Miami’s first gourmet dining truck, a customized 1962 Airstream, and for Bullfrog Eatz, a club, restaurant, and catering venture in Wynwood. He is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University, where he received a B.S. in culinary arts, and he trained in kitchens as far-flung as Spain’s legendary El Bulli, New York’s WD-50, Chicago’s Moto, Belize’s Cayo Espanto, Santo Domingo’s Chez Bistro, and others.

Currently, Subatomic Sandwiches serves from noon to 4 p.m. daily except for Wednesday. It will expand its hours in the near future to include Friday night dinner and weekend brunch.

For daily specials, follow Subatomic Sandwiches on Twitter @subatomicsubs or on Facebook. Contact Subatomic Sandwiches at: subatomicsubs7@gmail.com or 786.228.6704. 


Wolfsonian café
Photo: World Red Eye