The Wolfsonian–FIU Fellowship Application

All applicants for a Wolfsonian Fellowship are required to submit this multi-part form. The deadline for applications for the 2017–18 academic year is December 31, 2016. Three- to four-week fellowship residencies can begin as of July 1, 2017 and end as late as June 30, 2018. For questions please contact or 305.535.2613.


Title, department, institution/organization


Please ask two individuals to write letters in support of your application and list their names below. You are advised to provide each referee with a copy of your research proposal. The letters should be sent directly to the fellowship coordinator by email at or mail address below and must be postmarked by December 31.


Fellowships are generally for three to four weeks. Please list your first and second choices for dates and preferred duration for each. The period in residence may not begin earlier than July 1.


Please upload your curriculum vitae and research proposal in separate documents. Be sure to write your name at the top of each page. The research proposal should be no more than 4 pages, double-spaced. Your proposal should describe the goals of your research at The Wolfsonian, how this research fits into your larger project, and the contributions that your project will make to your field(s) of study. The proposal should also indicate which resources at The Wolfsonian you plan to use, and how these resources are essential for the completion of your project.

Note: If the electronic documentation is larger than 2 MB, please email your documents to, rather than uploading. Complete electronic applications are highly preferred. If absolutely necessary, documents may be submitted by mail to:

Fellowship Coordinator
The Wolfsonian–FIU
1001 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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