Aeromusiche d'alfabeto in libertà

Aeromusiche d'alfabeto in libertà
  • Title :     Aeromusiche d'alfabeto in libertà
  • Artist:     Crali, Tullio , 1910-2000 | Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso , 1876-1944 | Cenisi, Raoul , 1912-1991 | Futurismo (publisher)
  • Accession:     87.1494.2.1
  • Collection:     Library
  • Category:     Prints, Drawings, and Photographs
  • Collection Theme:     War and Political Propaganda
  • Subject:     Futurism (Art) | Futurism (Art) , Italy | Music , In art | Typography | Typography , Italy | World War, 1939-1945 , Art and the war | Futurism (Music) | Futurism (Music) , Italy
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  • Tags:     ~Modernism~War and Political Propaganda~Prints, Drawings, and Photographs
Siluri umani giapponesi [Japanese human torpedoes]/F.T. Marinetti. -- Madrigale veneziano /Crali. -- Treno di notte/Crali. -- Lotta di granchi /Cenisi. | Marinetti, Crali, Cenisi. | Hardcover edition, paper over cardboard boards; mixed media and hand-decorated and "free word" printed type. | Title from cover. | "In this Italian Futurist poem, the artists reject typographic conventions, instead combining disparate typefaces, styles and sizes to create a dynamic picture plane. The poem itself repeats words and phrases, abandoning traditional syntax to achieve what F.T. Marinetti, the leader of the Futurist movement, called a 'free word' publication. It is treated like a musical score, with the intention that it would be read aloud....Marinetti's choice of different weights and shapes for the letter forms give the words a distinct expressive power. The graphic and poetic forms are fused so that the abstract meaning is communicated in concrete graphic form."--Curator statement. | Italian.