Artists victory exhibit in miniature

Artists victory exhibit in miniature
  • Title :     Artists victory exhibit in miniature
  • Artist:     Artists for Victory, Inc | Roosevelt, Franklin D. Franklin Delano , 1882-1945 | National Poster Stamp Society | Ever Ready Label Corp. (publisher)
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  • Category:     Posters and Printed Ephemera
  • Collection Theme:     War and Political Propaganda
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produced and distributed by Ever Ready Label Corp. | Contents: 1. Avenge Pearl Harbor: Buy War Bonds Today! / McClelland Barclay. -- 2. Deliver Us From Evil: War Bonds Will Remove This Shadow! / Irwin D. Hoffman. -- 3. Someone Talked!: Ship Talk Can Be Sabotalk! / Paul Haus-Dorff. -- 4. Go Without, So They Won't Have To: Food Is A Weapon, Waste not! / Sgt. Jack [John L.] Dumas [Jr.]. -- 5. Attack!: Sacrifice--The Privilege of Free Men: Your Country Calls For More War Bonds / Alexander E. Dugas. -- 6. Slave World Or Free World?: Concentrate On War Bonds For Victory! / George Maas. -- 7. Victory Starts Here: Victory Is In Your Hands / Gordon Innes. -- 8. This Is The Enemy: Loose Lips = Lost Lives! / Douglas Grant. -- 9. Victory Starts Here: Lives Depend On Your Job! / Duncan Gleason. -- 10. Join The Silence Squad To Preserve Our Liberty: Rumors Are Enemy Weapons! / Roswell Brown. -- 11. Buy More War Bonds And Stamps: War Bonds And Stamps Supply The Bullets! / Paul W. Darrow. -- 12. "Deliver Us From Evil": Their Deliverance Depends On You! / Joel N. Altshuler. -- 13. On The Job! The Boys Need Guns: Save Waste Kitchen Fats For Explosives! / Joseph Binder. -- 14. Deliver Us From Evil: For Peace' Sake, Fight! / Virginia Legakes. -- 15. Slave World Or Free World: Fight Today For Your Child's Tomorrow / Edwin Georgi. -- 16. "Deliver Us From Evil": Defend Your Sacred Right Of Worship! / James Lewicki. -- 17. The People Are On The March: United Nations, One For All And All For One! / Jack Homowitz. -- 18. "Deliver Us From Evil": Her Liberation Depends Upon Your Liberality! / Seymour Fogel. -- 19. Someone Talked!: ...And Many Died! Think Before Talking! / Charles Clement. -- 20. "Deliver Us From Evil": Destroy The Despoilers Of Our Faiths! / Barbara [J.] Marks. -- 21. Work To Keep Free: A "Sound" Policy For Victory! / Louis Lispi. -- 22. Slave World Or Free World: Fight For The Light Of The Right / Will Kron. -- 23. This Is The Enemy: Extinguish This Menace To Humanity! / Duane Bryers. -- 24. Join The Silence Squad: Keep Your Eyes Open And Your Mouth Shut / Don Dougherty. -- 25. The People Are On The March: Work! Fight! Sacrifice! United We'll Win! / Bob [Robert Ryland] Kearfott. -- 26. Buy More War Bonds and Stamps: Support The Man Behind The Gun! / Howard Stabin. -- 27. Sacrifice--The Privilege of Free Men: Find Your Place In The Fight For Freedom / N[ikol] Schattenstein. -- 28. This Is The Enemy: Only A Numbskull Would Slacken! / Ben Nason. -- 29. Fight It Out On This Line: Gear Yourself In The Battle Of Production / Herbert Sipp. -- 30. This Is The Enemy: Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition / Lionel S. Reiss. -- 31. This Is The Enemy: Wipe This Slime And Crime From The Earth! Harley Melzian. -- 32. Someone Talked: Talk Is Not Cheap! Be Careful! / Oliver Nelson. -- 33. Work To Keep Free: Your Hands Can Shape Victory! --Helen Rabinowitz. -- 34. The Enemy Is Listening: Idle Chatter Can Be A Serious Matter! / Weimer Pursell. -- 35. Buy More War Bonds And Stamps: Hand Up Your Share For Victory / Silvia Passerini. -- 36. Your Sacrifice Now Will Prevent This: Imagine Your Child In Her Stead! / Art Wells. -- 37. Buy More War Bonds And Stamps: Put Your Heart In Your Work, Your Pay In Bonds / Hugo Steccatti. 38. Victory Starts Here: As We Sow, So Shall We Reap! / Josefa Wenter. -- 39. This Is The Enemy: Just Another Atrocity Story, Eh? / D[avid]. H. Moneypenny. -- 40. Work To Keep Free!: Idle Hands Work For The Enemy! / Don Schreckengost. -- 41. Buy More War Bonds And Stamps: Smash The Double Cross With More Tanks! / Xanti [Schawinsky]. -- 42. "Deliver Us From Evil": "Protective Custody" Under the Barbarian! / Jack A. Willard. -- 43. Slave World Or Free World: Fight For The Four Freedoms / J. C. White. -- 44. This Is The Enemy: Fight For Your Right To Free Worship! / Clarence West. -- 45. Slave World Or Free World: Keep The Goose Step Out Of America / Tony Palazzo. -- 46. This Is The Enemy: An Eye For An Eye, The Swine Will Swing! / [Karl] Koehler & Ancona. -- 47. Buy More War Bonds And Stamps: Take A Smash At The Axis! / E[dward]. B[arton]. Greenhaw. -- 48. This Is The Enemy: Rid Them Of The Specter Of Fear! / Mary Stewart. -- 49. Deliver Us From Evil: Eradicate The Footprints Of The Tyrant! / Charles T. Allenbrook. -- 50. Victory Starts Here: Stay On Your Job To The Finish! / Ottis [H.] Keisker. | "Reproduction no. B 57687."--verso. | "These miniatures are faithful reproductions of the original posters. They carry messages which will help win the war. YOU can help distribute them."--recto. | "Approved by the National Poster Stamp Society, Certificate no. 155." -- recto. | "You can fight on the home front with these! Use immediately! Send to every one! Stick on letterheads, envelopes, packages--everywhere!"--verso. | English. | Wolfsonian Exhibit: Weapons of Mass Dissemination: The Propaganda of War : September 13, 2003-June 13, 2004 ; The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. : June 25, 2005-October 30, 2005 ; Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada : November 11, 2005-April 30, 2006.