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Savannah, where tourists go
Napkin, No. 505, Vlinder [Butterfly]
Adolf Hitler: Führer der N.S.D.A.P
KLM Vliegtuig (Fokker F XVIII) Wekelijksche Dienst Amsterdam – Batavia [KLM PLane (Fokker F XVIII) Weekly Service Amsterdam-Batavia]
I'll see you in C-U-B-A
Plymouth for 1937
Lantern star against the sky, a fountain in the sunlight
Esposizione Internazionale, Torino: Aprile-Novembre 1911 : Padiglione Ungherese : architetti, progettori, Prof. E. Töry & M. Pogány | International exposition, Turin: April-November 1911 : Hungarian pavilion : architect, designer, Prof. E. Töry & M. P
New theatre
Wall lamp, Fascio
Illustrations of design: based on notes of line as used by the craftsmen of India
Il Fumatore Stanco [The Tired Smoker]
No pasareis | You shall not pass
Streamliner beverages: wines, liqueurs
Platter, model no. 25
Creamer: SEM monogram
Cabin plan of the New Washington: United States Lines
Brigadas de choque en la producción | Shock troops in production
De Kaiser op 13 Feb 1917: aan onze Zijde is het Recht en de Moraliteit [The "Emperor" on 13 Feb 1917: on our side is justice and the morality]
Calendar design for Oliefabrieken Calvé Delft N.O.F. [Oil Factory Calvé Delft N.O.F.]