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Via air mail
Puente Cabrillo, West Approach: Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
La Canzone [The Song]
Burgundy glass, Peer [Pear] service
Karin's droom | Karin's dream
Gastronomisches Italien
Vox Ultima Crucis
Inkstand: inkwell with geometric motif
Katalog öfver industri- och slöjdutställningen i Gefle 1901 | Catalog of the 1901 Industrial and handicraft exhibition of Gefle
Targa antisanzionista: destinata dal Duce ai Fasci dello Città della Bonifica Integrale
You Are Wanted Too! Join the A.T.S
I summon you to the comradeship, Woodrow Wilson: answer the Red Cross Christmas roll call for universal membership
Panství hraběte Bouquoye = Herrschaft des Grafen Bouquoy | Domain of Count Bouquoy
Rough islanders or the natives of England | The natives of England
Japanese long tailed rooster, Poultry Building, P.P.I.E., 1915
V predvecer války: z anglickych a francouzskych dokumentu | On the eve of the war: From English and French documents
Discus thrower
Stacking chair
Per ben cucinare!: ricettario pratico conpreziose notizie per la buona cucina | Cooking good!: practical recipe book with precise information for the good kitchen | Per ben cucinare!: "Pisonis" estratto di carne aromatizzato incomparabile! : omaggio della Casa Pisonis