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Design for a pair of chandeliers
Aerei [Airplanes]
4. Reichsnährstands Ausstellung München, 30.5 - 6.6. 1937 [Fourth Sate Food Producers' Exhibition]
Burlington Zephyr model train
Perspective rendering of building
Quaderno di [blank]: Ottobre 1928-VI : carta del lavoro | Notebook of [blank]: October 1928 IV [Fourth year of the Fascist revolution] : charter of labor
Theater program: Lista dos Assignantes
Vase [Ave Maria Gratia Plena]
Smith Premier Typewriter No. 2
Calendar page design: Pestvogels in Bloeiende Els, Februari 1931 [Waxwings in Blooming Alder, February 1931]
The tower of the California Building from gardens, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Imaginary Portraits: Mrs. Asguith
Oregon Fantasy
Køb Danske Varer [Buy Danish Goods]
Catalogue général officiel: Première Exposition Internationale d'Art Décoratif Moderne : Mai-Novembre, 1902 | Official general catalogue: Premiere international exposition of Modern decorative art : May-November, 1902
A Flowery Welcome from San Francisco, Conservartory, Golden Gate Park: Panama Pacific Exposition 1915