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Polyorama Panoptique
Feierlieder | Festive songs
Out of Water Power Comes Air Power: These TVA Dams Are Needed for Victory
Bowl: Salomé
I like America | I like America: a native sees his country as it is, and as it might be
Conte di Savoia: la nave che non rolla ; la prima classe
Inkwell from the Great Exhibition of Industry of All Nations
La Canzone [The Song]
Kon. Nederl. Fabriek van Gouden- en Zilveren Werken Gerritsen en Van Kempen Zeist [Royal Dutch Factory of Gold and Silver works, Gerritsen and Van Kampen, Zeist]
Somewhere in France is daddy
Attack Attack Attack–Buy War Bonds
Cuba: the wonderland of America
Album comemorativo da primeira Exposiçao colonial portuguesa | Comemorative album of the first Portuguese Colonial Exposition
Design for decoration for ceramics: "Lof" ["Praise"]
[Woman arranging flowers in a cart]
Zilvermeeuw, Januari 1930 [Herring Gull, January 1930]
Tervueren: Musée du Congo
Voorjaarsvechten van den Merel, April 1930 [Springtime Fights of the Blackbird, April 1930]