Browse Collection Highlights Fight for Freedom from Fear
Mines Building
Design for electric teapot
Largest outdoor organ in the world: San Diego Exposition, California
Deutsche Kauft. Deutsche Ware. Deutsche Woche. Deutsche Arbeit. [German Commerce. German Goods. German Week. German Work]
Peace and goodwill to men: Christmas, 1937
Tutto per la Patria [All for the Fatherland]
Der Sieg Des Lichtes [The Victory of Light]
Augustinus Belydenissen: uit het Latyn vertaald door Mr. Frans Erens | Augustinus' Confessions: translated from the Latin by Frans Erens
Untitled [Spirit of Progress, Skyscrapers & Liner]
Mobili Studio RM 1924: chaise longue and ottoman
Botanical Court, looking toward Foreign and Domestic Industries Building: Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
100 Jahre Deutsche Eisenbahnen Ausstellung, Nürnberg, 1935 [Centennial Exhibition of the German State Railroad. . . ]
Attack Attack Attack–Buy War Bonds
Plate, Spanish Galleon from the Miami Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida
Vase: Futura #384
Madison Square
Dobycha soli na ozere Baskunchaka [Salt Extraction on Lake Baskunchak]
Imminent Fall of Jochu