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Land of Plenty
Giuseppe Sacconi e l'opera sua massima: cronaca dei lavori del monumento nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II
Industrial Scene
Youth in European labor camps
Pomp and circumstance: dinner aboard S.S. Lurline, Saturday, January 5, 1952
Littoriali Del Mare Maggio XVII PNF GUF [Littoriali of the Sea May XVII PNF GUF] Fight for Freedom from Want
Een  dierenkolonie in een groote stad | An animal colony in a big city
¡Kultur! La Barbarie Fascista en Madrid [Culture! Fascist Barbarism in Madrid]
Model kitchens | Model kitchens as submitted in the Frigidaire Competition
Fighting like this is more fun
Natale 1954 Anno 1955 Augura a Bruno Alberto Quintavalle [Christmas 1954 New Years 1955 Greetings to Bruno Alberto Quintavalle]
Plan of Third to Sixteenth Floors Inclusive, Sherry-Netherland Hotel, New York, Job #142, Drawing #7
Elezioni Politiche 1924 [1924 Political Elections...]
Bowl: EKG monogram
Salad plate from the 20th Century Fox Café de Paris
Stage Set for "The Pretenders" (Kongs-Emerne) by Ibsen: The Churchyard of Christ Church, Bergen; Act I, Scene I