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Tile: abstract floral motif
Quaker Oats packing room
Zemědělství = Landwirschaft | Agriculture
Typewriter: Empire No. 2
Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915: Three Arches and Three Towers
Hound pup
Design for stained glass window: leaf motif in gray surrounding a window
Kubus [Cube]
February Fiestas in Havana
Australia screams
Padiglione Regionale Piemontese: Mostra Regionale, Piazza d'Armi, Roma | Regional Piedmontese pavilion: Regional exhibition, parade ground, Rome
Hinge: stylized floral motif
Ochutnavarný = Kosthallen | Food court
Special Facilities for Travelling in Italy
Heading Ahead
Zooals Het Werk Er Uitziet, Als Het Voor Den Tweeden Keer Behandeld Wordt [How the work looks, when it is treated (dyed) for the second time]
Mes homes! Mes armes! Mes municions! | More men! More arms! More ammunition! / P.S.U., U.G.T
Tato raccon Tato da Tato: [20 anni di futurismo]