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Scheme for Redecoration, Waldorf Cafeteria, 50th St. at 6th Avenue, New York City
This is the Enemy
Indian Court Federal Building Golden Gate International Exhibition
Philips Argenta/TSF Brevets Francais Philips
This is Nazi Brutality
Gee! You at home will miss all the excitement
Le Vélodrome
Bar-Lock: The Typewriter Co. Ltd
The  highway traveler
Souvenir of the Panama Canal
Quaderno di [blank]: Marzo, 1919 : fondazione dei Fasci di Combattimento | Notebook of [blank]: March, 1919 : foundation of the Fasci di Combattimento
Strasse in Mombasa | Street in Mombasa
Designs for decoration for ceramics: tulips and rose
Alg. Ned. Bond Vrede door Recht; To Commemorate the Opening of the Palace of Peace 1913 [General Dutch Alliance, Peace through Justice]
Grupo de Cama y Mesas de Noche [Group of Bed and Night Tables]
Vase [cabbage leaf form]
Gedachten en verbeeldingen | Ideas and imagination
Le  macchine di Munari
Nürnberg! Schuldig! [Nuremberg! Guilty!]