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The  Woman's Building
Block: lion's face
Atacar es vencer: Todos al ataque como un solo hombre! | To attack is to win: ¡everyone to the attack like a single man!
Iowa's Exhibit, Agricultural Palace, Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco 1915
"The  tropical wonderland": Fort Lauderdale, Florida : on the Dixie Highway between Palm Beach and Miami
Uitgegeven door De Verzamelcommissie 15 [Published by the Collection Committee 15]
Guerra del Tripartito | War of the Triple Alliance
Souvenir plaque from the Century of Progress International Exposition, Chicago
Gabelfrühstück: Schnelld "Scharnhorst", Sonntag, den 12. Dezember 1937 = Lunch : Express S.S. "Scharnhorst", Sunday, December 12th 1937
Tile: foliate motif
Vase: Monart, shape D
Mostra sperimentale di fotografia futurista: sotto il patrocinio della Segreteria Provinciale di Torino della Federaz. Autonoma Fascista delle Comunità Artigiane, Segretario Organizzatore: Dott. Piero Boccardi : dal 15 Marzo al 6 Aprile 1931 in Torino V
Teapot and hot water kettle, Eiffel Tower
Cunard Line, 1840-1923: over eighty years of transatlantic travel
Looking westward on the Prado, San Diego Panama-California Exposition: 1915, all the year, 1915 : "As it appears to-day
Exhibit of Texas Products-P.P.I.E. 1915: with Governor Ferguson and State Capitol
Wee, wee, Marie, (will you do zis for me)
Box: Celtic motif
How to see Seattle and know her charms