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Perspective rendering of building
Lamp: bullet design
In the Japanese Garden, Pavilion of Japan and Formosa
See America. Welcome to Montana
Sede Comitato: arch. Locati | Central Committee: Locati, architect
Study of Two Soldiers with Field Radio
Unió és força | Unity is strength
"Heilig Indië" | "Sacred Indonesia"
Architecture internationale moderne
The  French Brothers Store, Havana, Prado 77a : between Sevilla Hotel and the Royal Bank ; half block from your hotel, Havana, Cuba
Self-portrait with Palette
Roma: the first class ; Italian Line
Clock: intersecting fans
"Lettuce beet the axis!" say the 5 crowns
[Architectura: orgaan v/h Genootschaap Architectura et Amicitia] | [Architectura: Organ for the Society Architectura et Amicitia
2 vittorie
Company 211, Camp 51, C C C, Deposit, N.Y
Numero unico
Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen: Frühstuck : Fussballfahrt nach England, 1935 : Schnelldampfer "Columbus," Freitag, den 6. Dezember
Cabin class staterooms on the Washington, Manhattan: world's fastest cabin liners