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Interior with muses
So long, mother: Al Jolson's mother song
End of Piano Solo ("The Masses")
Sengakuji Temple in the Snow, March 1932
PWA: the first 3 years | First 3 years
Design for decoration for a commemorative plate [cow, The Hague coat-of-arms, September 1913]
Consejo superior de emigración : cartera de identidad
Palestine Youth
East Side of Plaza de Panama, Foreign Arts Building in Foreground, Home Economy in distance: Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
Mrs. Williams of Ditchling
Exhibition paintings...sculpture...prints...murals..posters: index of American design plates | Exhibition : American panorama of art / works by artists of the New York City WPA Art Project : American Museum of Natural History
Commemorative medal for Féte du Travail [Labor Day]
Creamer: The Cube design
Dinner plate
Deutschland erwacht: Werden, Kampf und Sieg der NSDAP | Germany awakes: growth, struggle, and victory of the NSDAP
Bruxelles-Kermesse: Vers la rue de l'Escalier
Veilige Steigers Rond Elk Huis-Besparen Een Tocht Naar Het Ziekenhuis [Safe Scaffolding Around Every House-Saves a Trip to the Hospital]
Bruxelles et l'exposition, 1910 = Brussel en de tentoonstelling, 1910 | Brussel en de tentoonstelling 1910
The  story of a great ocean liner
Hanging lamp with batik shade and skirt