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Container with lid
Cafeteria tray
Machen Sie Ihr Waschwasser mit Sodex, Bleichsoda, weich! 25 Cts. In jedem Laden zu haben
School-idyllen | School girls: y Top Naeff ; with 8 plates from drawings of C. Koppenol
Motorfartyget Kungsholm
View from Pepper Grove: Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Savannah, where tourists go
Entrance to Colonnade of Commerce and Industries Building
The  Playa, Havana, Cuba = Habana : Playa de Marianao
Architecture internationale moderne
View of the Botanical Garden, October 1940
2 vittorie
Paddlewheel boat and tent
February Fiestas in Havana
Optometrist's workcase
[Swarthy man smoking cigarette balancing a turtle on his head, by a basket of fish with sailboats in the background]
Reichsautobahnen in Deutschland [Reichs Autobahn in Germany]
Vase: floral motif
Eskimo, cuisinières à gaz, vous offrent 6 avantages
Farming hazards in the drought area