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Quaker Oats train crossing the Rockies
Assassins! | Murderers!
Collins Park Hotel: 20th Street Elevation
California: a guide to the golden state
Exposición Internacional Barcelona [Barcelona International Exhibition]
Hotel Lincoln, Havana, Cuba
En Vue de l'Ile [In View of the Island]
San Francisco Bay Exposition, Yerba Buena Island: Sculptural Models in East Square #6 and East Long Courts #5
Bookend from the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
Teaspoon from the New York World's Fair, 1939
Champagne glass, bacchanalia
El Pillatje Deshonra el Triomf U.G.T. Eviteu-lo! [Robbery Dishonors the Triumph --- Avoid It!]
Nach Cuba und Mexico [To Cuba and Mexico]
Stacking chair
Chandelier: Grapevine Motif-Panel
Werkstuben des Luftgaukommandos Holld | Work pieces from the Luftgaucommandos Holld
Ministere Du Commerce Et De L'Industrie Exposition Internationale Arts Decoratifs Et Industriels Modernes [Trade Ministry and Modern Industrialists International Decorative Arts Exhibition]
Remembrances of the Great Exhibition: a series of views beautifully engraved on steel, from drawings made on the spot. Including a general history of its origin, progress, and close