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Polyorama Panoptique: Canal de Canton, Fête des Lanternes (Chine)
Federazione Fascista dell'Urbe: incremento dello sport : A. XII | Federation of Combat Fasci of Urbe, Year 12 of the Fascist revolution: Growth of sports
Save Freedom of Worship: Buy War Bonds
Excellence 301
Class struggle vs. class collaboration: a study of labor banks, the B. & O. Plan, insurance schemes, and "workers' education"
Design for a hanging lamp
Targa antisanzionista: destinata dal Duce ai Fasci dello Città della Bonifica Integrale
Deutschland: Amtlicher Führer durch die Ausstellung : Berlin 1936, 18. Juli bis 16. August, Austellungshallen am Funkturm | Germany: Official Guide of the Exhibition : Berlin 1939, July 18-August 16, Exhibition halls at the Radio tower | Deutschland Aus
Oost-Indisch landjuweel | East-Indian land jewel
Otto Jübermann
Sugar bowl from the Continental tea and coffee service
Sorvolando Sabaudia | Flying over Sabaudia
Spoon: Classical motif
Over the top, hurrah!
Promenade Deck
Section des Pays-Bas à l'Exposition Internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes, Paris, 1925: L'enseignement dans les écoles d'art décoratif à Rotterdam, Haarlem et Amsterdam
Germany's Modern Architecture