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Aelbrecht, hertog in Beieren, graaf van Holland enz. binnen Enkhuizen in 1396: 8 lithographieën | Aelbrecht, Duke of Beieren, Earl of Holland etc., in Enkhuizen in 1396: 8 lithographs
Santiago Luis Frazér y Cervantes
Zoo friends
Dreyfus march, two step: dedicated to Captain Alfred Dreyfus
Champagne glass from Seafood Salad Service
Perfume atomizer
Reichssporttag des B.D.M. [Sports Day of the League of German Girls]
El pueblo español tiene que luchar con una mano: ¡Y sembrar con la otra! | The Spanish people have to fight with one hand, and sow with the other!
Ashtray: Rosa D'Inverno
Stre amliner, "City of Portland" | Streamliner, "City of Portland."
De  weerloozen | The vulnerable
Fairsex Toilet Soap Bar
De  kinderen der zee: schetsen naar het leven aan onze Hollandsche stranden | The children of the sea: sketches of the lives of our Dutch beaches
Gezinshulp, Nederlandsche Volksdienst [Family Help, Dutch Social Services]
Geologisch Instituut der Univ. Amsterdam [Geological Institute of the University of Amsterdam]
De  Duitsche taal | The German language
Mural study: transportation
Egg cup with saucer
Une partie de l'avenue des Nations dévastée
Padiglione dell'Austria : (Arch. Joseph Hoffmann) : Roma, Esposizione Internazionale di Belle Arte : vigna cartoni | Austrian pavilion: (Arch. Joseph Hoffmann)