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Love and Beauty
Vase: Monart, similar to shape HG
Minsky's Follies, Fausto Theatre: programa semanal
Hie Shrine (also called Sanno Shrine), March 1932
Riviera - Fahrten der Hamburg Amerika Linie [Riviera - Trips The Hamburg America Line]
Grosse Berliner Kunst-Ausstellung 1902 [Great Berlin Art Exhibition]
Transportation Building: Cotton States & International Exposition
[ Portrait of Generalissimo Francisco Franco]
Oliver. ...[Oliver. The best and cheapest modern typewriter]
Night View of Ginza in the Spring, March 1931
Nelson Line's Five New Highlanders
Egg coddler, model no. 2875
Goblet: Embassy 4900 Line
????? | Love me, please
At the San Diego Panama-California Exposition all the year 1915: Lagunita in the Botanical Gardens