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Measurement of vessels for the Panama Canal
Compliments of New Home Sewing Machine Co., Orange, Mass
Bowl for the San Carlos Hotel, Pensacola, Florida
Origins of Utah place names
Every Man Woman and Child is a Partner
Horario e tarifas
Side chair
L'Invasore Non Deve Passare [The Invader Must Not Pass]
Letter holder
Argentina : "Dancing the Gato"
Local Industry, produced for the Jasper, Indiana Post Office competition, organized by Section of Fine Arts, Treasury Department (installed in Franklin, Indiana Post Office, 1940)
Coffee tin, Kaffee Hag
San Sepolcro Duce Duce Duce from the the Vita di Marinetti [Life of Marinetti] service
Kreuzfahrt "Turisanda" nach Sizilien, Tripolis, Capri und Neapel vom 24. Oktober 1938 XVI bis 1. November 1938 XVII : mit S/S "Roma"
"We are going forward to better days" -- Franklin D. Roosevelt: register, enroll, American Labor Party, Registration days: October 13, 14, 20, 21
Never Was So Much Owed By So Many To So Few