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Abstract design on grid
[Display cards for the Vlaanderen periodical]
N.V. Nederlandsche Spoorwegen [Dutch Railway Company]
The  Chicago Sunday Tribune: New Years No. December 30, 1894
Cuba style: graphics from the golden age of design
Pas Op Die Braam! [Watch out for the burr!]
Rio S. Rita
Tea tray: Oriental motif
Silhouette of bull and bullfighter
Prosit 1911 | Happy new year 1911
Auf Zanzibar | From Zanzibar
Service de la Méditerranée
Fleurs et masques
Vigilancia en la retaguardia | Vigilance in the rearguard
Babel | Babel
Egel Berooft Rietcorzennest, Juli 1930 [Hedgehog Robs the Nest of a Reed Bunting, July 1930]
Equality, land, and freedom: a program for Negro liberation (draft submitted by the National Council of the League of Struggle for Negro Rights.)
Veilige Steigers Rond Elk Huis-Besparen Een Tocht Naar Het Ziekenhuis [Safe Scaffolding Around Every House-Saves a Trip to the Hospital]
Grinding Metal Castings
1931 Concurso de la Moda del Abanico: modelo vencedor arte, elegancia, comodidad