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Asakusa Tori-no-Ichi Festival [Otori Shrine], November 1932
Piano lamp, model no. 404, GISO
Fest-Halle | Banquet hall
The More Women at Work the Sooner We Win!
The  scenic resources of the Tennessee Valley: a descriptive and pictorial inventory
El  Dia de Alerta: Noviembre, Valencia | The Day of Alert: November, Valencia
[Kavarna Hlava Cafe] | [Hlava Cafe]
Padre Reginaldo Giuliani (1936)
Knife from the CGT Normandie
Labor wants Roosevelt
Palestine Youth
Hinge: floral motif
Cabinet, model no. 2616
Pas Op Die Braam! [Watch out for the burr!]
Lanseloot van Denemerken | Lancelot from Denmark
[Cover with initials "D.S." on front cover]
Cuba: Zira cigarettes
Sintrax Coffeemaker filter
U.S. Army Air Forces, Maimi Bech, Fla: hankies