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Voiello: molini, pastifici : Torre Annunziata, Napoli, Italia
Burlington's Denver Zephyr: overnight, everynight, between Chicago and Denver
Deutsche Haus: Glasmosaikbild = Le Pavillon Allemand : Tableau en mosaïque de verre = The German House : mosaic window-picture
Storm Clouds
Remembrances of the Great Exhibition: a series of views beautifully engraved on steel, from drawings made on the spot. Including a general history of its origin, progress, and close
["I Have acted Upon Your Wishes, the Comintern Has Been Dissolved."]
KLM Vliegtuig (Fokker F XVIII) Wekelijksche Dienst Amsterdam – Batavia [KLM PLane (Fokker F XVIII) Weekly Service Amsterdam-Batavia]
Sailor: coloring book
Dollar Imperialisme Botst Tegen 2 Fronten [Dollar Imperialism Collides Against 2 Fronts]
Hit the mark!: a play book
Defendamos Madrid unidos bajo un mando único | Let us defend Madrid united under a single command
Light Consumes Coal
Just looking!
Montandon & C., Ponte Chiasso: ing. Bianchi, Magnani e Rondoni
Radio Broadcasting, from the Westinghouse Pavilion, A Century of Progress, Exposition, Chicago, Illinois
Local Industry, produced for the Jasper, Indiana Post Office competition, organized by Section of Fine Arts, Treasury Department (installed in Franklin, Indiana Post Office, 1940)
Burgundy glass, Peer [Pear] service
Beer beaker, Peer [Pear] service