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Centerpiece: flower holder
Power for Defense
Espresso saucer
Die Lerche [The Lark]
I'm Counting on You!
Jaarbeurs Utrecht [Industries Fair Utrecht]
U.S. One, Maine to Florida
The Botanical Gardens showing Botanical Building on the left and Foreign and Domestic Industries on the right: Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Worry Bags No Game
Societe anonyme des anciens etablissements E. Borderel & Robert ferronerie d'art
Quaderno di [blank] | Notebook of [blank]
Manifestazioni Parmensi Congressi Mostre Sports 14 21 Maggio 1933 XI [Parmesan Sports Events Exhibitions Congress XI 14 May 21, 1933]
Calendar design for Oliefabrieken Calvé Delft N.O.F. [Oil Factory Calvé Delft N.O.F.]
Polyorama Panoptique: La Tamise, Le Tunnel (Londres)
It's happening in Spain
Tullio d'Albisola: Sculptore, ceramista : Savona, Casa Mazzotti
Tapestry: swastika
Sloppy Joe's, Havana, Cuba
Champagne glass from Seafood Salad Service
Vencerem Pel Bé Del Proletariat Mundial [We will triumph for the good of the Proletariat of the world]