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"Enchanted Island", a playground for children, Chicago World's Fair
Aircraft in warfare: the dawn of the fourth arm
Allgemeine Kriegsgräber-Ausstellung Graz 1918 [United War-Grave Exhibition]
[Prospectus: Tydschrift voor Vercieringskunst] | [Prospectus: Periodical for Decorative Art
Vase: Monart, shape JK
California Building and Upper Pergola: Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
[Child in aristrocratic attire kissing the hand of a girl stepping out of a gondola; with Venetian architectural elements]
Allied Nations Commemorative Series, Franklin D. Roosevelt
A Car for Every Purse and Purpose
Help Improve our Forests
Friend of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion
Ontwerp voor een Theater: Plan 2e vloer [Design for a theater: Plan 2nd floor]
Container with lid: Japanese woman
Give work, buy American made goods
La  petite ville
Electra: tijdschrift voor electrotechniek | Electra: periodical for electronics
Welvaarts Politiek S.D.A.P. Kiest No.1 Van Lijst 1 Voor de Gemeenteraad [Prosperities Politics S.D.A.P. Choose No. 1 from List 1 for the Municipal Council]