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Expositie van de vereeniging: "Kunst Toegepast op Boekbanden," in de Kunstzaal van het Sted. Museum te Leiden, met medewerking van het Museum van Kunst-Nijverheid te Haarlem, de heeren Burgersdijk & Niermans, den heer J.G. Ballego, E.A., 13-25 Januari '96 | Exhibition of the society: "Art Applied to Bookbinding", in the Gallery of the Municipal Museum of Leiden, with the cooperation of the Museum of Applied Art in Haarlem, Mr. Burgersdijk & Niermans, and Mr. J.G. Ballego, E.A., 13-25 Januari '96 | Expositie der ver. Kunst Toegepast op Boekbanden in het Sted. Museum te Leiden
Succinum, No. 9
Album de Lucho Gatica : supplemento de Maracas
El Pillatje Deshonra el Triomf U.G.T. Eviteu-lo! [Robbery Dishonors the Triumph --- Avoid It!]
Fliegt Nach Paris Zur Weltausstellung 1937
Parole al duce | Words to the leader
Heart of the Rose
Diomira Bella
Transports Rapides Aeriens [Rapid Air Transport]
Daily Worker
British Empire Exhibition Wembley London
Cup and saucer, Forseth pattern
Bezoekt Den Nederrijnschen Kultuurdag Arnheim "Musis Sacrum" 2 Mei 1943 [Visit the Dutch Culture Day Arnheim "Musis Sacrum" May 2 1943]
Winning the Battle of Production
Night VIew of Aeroscope Pan-Pac. INT Exposition San Francisco, 1915
Quaderno di [blank]: Marzo 1924-II : annessione di Fiume e del Dodecanneso | Notebook of [blank]: March 1924 II [Second year of Fascist revolution] : annexation of Fiume and the Dodecanese
Puente Cabrillo and California Building from the North. State Buildings through arches: Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
Fabric, New York World's Fair, 1939 New York, New York
Man and woman kissing