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Der Schlüssel zum Frieden: Führertage in Italien | Key to peace: Führer's days in Italy | Führer-Tage in Italien
Paquebot "Ile de France" menu du Samedi 16 Aoäut 1958: Déjeuner = Luncheon
Germany's Modern Architecture
Dining chair
Hallo Hallo Holland Indie [Hello Hello Holland Indies]
Presentation casket to Queen Victoria for the Diamond Jubilee
Dedication by Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt: South Side Community Art Center, May 7, 1941
Columbia and Hartford Bicycles
Nove anni di architettura vissuta, 1926 IV-1935 XIII
Indian Court Federal Building, Golden Gate International Exposition
S.S. Lurline: dinner, Sunday, August 27, 1939
Railcar reading lamp
Intercity differences in costs of living in March 1935, 59 cities
Llibertat! | Liberty!
Der  Giftpilz | The poison mushroom
Geschiedenis der Universiteits-bibliotheek te Leiden | History of the University library in Leiden
If he can fight, like he can love, good night, Germany!