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Hand mirror
One Swine Too Many...
Dining chair
He's in the Silent Service - Are You?
Pérez Farrás: jefe de artillería y valiente revolucionario que actua con sus tropas en el frente de Aragón | Perez Farrás: brave revolutionary and artillery commander who fought with his troops on the Aragón front
Design for promotional materials for the Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco
Royal Areo Club D'Italia Aero Club Provinciale Di Genova "Luigi Olivari" [Royal Aero Club of Italy - Provincial Aero Club of Genoa - "Liugi Olivari"]
Angola: monographie historique, géographique et économique de la colonie destinée à l'Exposition coloniale internationale de Paris de 1931 | Angola: historical, geographical and economic monograph of the colony intended for the international colonial
United Nations Fight for Freedom
Un  caproni della "Disperata" torna dall'Amba
10¢ to keep the Hearst octopus from strangling the Chicago Newspaper Guild: on strike
Design for windshield sticker for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco
1918 - 1943
Tile poppies motif
Deutschland: Amtlicher Führer durch die Ausstellung : Berlin 1936, 18. Juli bis 16. August, Austellungshallen am Funkturm | Germany: Official Guide of the Exhibition : Berlin 1939, July 18-August 16, Exhibition halls at the Radio tower | Deutschland Aus
Chandelier: Grapevine Motif - Frame
M/N. Oceania, Lunedi, 7 agosto, 1933, Anno XI. ": Colazione = Dejeuner