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Hinge: stylized floral motif
The  French Casino: Clifford C. Fischer presents Follies d'Amour | The French Casino theatre restaurant
In 10 minuten eine gute Hafer Suppe!: Gusto, Kraft-Hafer-Speise
It's a real Havana : Cuban National Tobacco Commission
Liqueur glass, Peer [Pear] service
Rey de Cuba
Typewriter, Model Erika #5
The  World's Columbian Exposition: official souvenir U.S. Postals
The Wealth of the Nation
Collapsible sideboard
Bowl: sea creature holding octopus
La revue des Folies Bergère
Aeroshell Lubricating Oil: The Aristocrat of Lubricants
Calendar page design: Maart [March]
Container with lid
Burgundy glass, Peer [Pear] service