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Sans Souci restaurant garden, Havana
Hanging lamp: Zeppelin Los Angeles
Uitgegeven door De Verzamelcommissie 3 [Published by the Collection Committee 3]
Henri Philippe Pétain
Ship's officers port menu: meal hours, breakfast 7:30-8:30, lunch 11:30-12:30, dinner 4:30-5:30, Friday, January 4, 1952 : Luncheon
Murder in Havana
Birds Eye View of the Centennial Buildings and Grounds
Design for decoration for a tile tableau with arch motif
The  forbidden forest
Sandles: demon motif
Tutto per la Patria [All for the Fatherland]
Salud, lucha y victoria | Health, fight, and victory
Rex : Trieste - S. Giusto ; Fiume - la Fiumara - Portorose
Meubelmakers, Voorwaarts Met Den Modernen Bond [Furniture makers, Forward with the Modern Trade Union]
Het  Bewerken van Metalen | Working with metal
Fabrica de tabacos "Mar-Ji-Ga" ; M. Jimenez
Just Wolfram Lamp