Paintings and Sculpture

Collection Description

Focusing not on canonical works of modern art, but rather on painting and sculpture that express social, political, and cultural preoccupations, The Wolfsonian’s collection offers a wide-ranging and sometimes surprising view of fine art from the late nineteenth century through 1945. Public artworks comprise a significant part of the collection, including many studies for American New Deal murals, works produced for display at world’s fairs, as well as the politicized artwork that appeared under the Fascist and Nazi regimes in Europe. Other artworks focus on key issues of the times such as labor relations, industrial and agricultural production, urban life, and warfare. Portraits of political leaders, artists, and other figures are also prominent in the collection.

Fine Art Building
Wind, water, and air
Igiene: arch. Bongi | Hygiene: Bongi, architect
An  exhibition of ceramics from the Illinois Art and Craft Project and Patrocino Barela, wood sculpture, New Mexico Art Project: January 9th to 31st 1942, Southside Community Art Center, 3831 Michigan Ave | Ceramics: wood sculpture from New Mexico Art Project, Jan. 9 to 31, 1942
Grabad en vuestro pecho esta consigna: atacar es vencer | Inscribe on your chest this slogan : to attack is to win
One hundred watercolors: an exhibition | New York City WPA art project
[ Portrait of Generalissimo Francisco Franco]
Over there
[Portrait of Benito Mussolini]
I summon you to the comradeship, Woodrow Wilson: answer the Red Cross Christmas roll call for universal membership
20th anniversary USSR, 1917-1937 | Socialism triumphant in the U.S.S.R
Igiene: arch. Bongi | Hygiene: Bongi, architect
20 Jahre Sowjetunion: 1917-1937
Quaderno di [blank] | Notebook of [blank]
Buenaventura Durruti: Camarada de férrea voluntad y elevados ideales, que dirige en Zaragoza las bravas milicias de la C.N.T. y la F.A.I | Buenaventura Durruti : comrade of iron will and high ideals, who directs in Zaragoza the brave military services o