Prints, Drawings, and Photographs

Collection Description

Printmaking was often called a “democratic” art form, thanks to the low cost of making and reproducing prints. Among the collection’s highlights are prints by American artists such as Howard Cook, Paul Lindacre, Harry Sternberg, Charles Turzak, Benton Spruance, and Lynd Ward; a series celebrating “Britain’s Efforts and Ideals” in the First World War; and a portfolio of prints by Koizumi Kishio documenting Tokyo’s recovery from the earthquake of 1923.

Drawings in the collection fall into a number of categories, with a focus on design drawings for architecture and interior design and preparatory sketches for artwork.

Photography is represented primarily by documentary and commercial images, rather than art photography. A few subjects represented in the photo collections include the construction of the Trylon and Perisphere at the 1939 New York World’s Fair; hotel and ocean liner interiors; the 1929 inauguration of Cuba’s President Machado; and military campaign documents.

Karl Marx' 'Capital' in lithographs
1. decennale della R. Aeronautica: 28 Marzo-I, 28 Marzo-XI
329 Co. Camp No. 51: C.C.C. 1 1/4 mi
Souvenir from Havana
CCC camp, E. Barre, Vt., #50
Arriba España: Málaga, Guadalajara, Santander, Bilbao, Tortosa
Aesop said so
Vittorio Emanuele Boeri e le sue cartoline
Guide du meilleur graissage
Rex: Axum ; Leptis Magni - dettagli del tempio ; Rodi
New York (an outline)
[Chow at table 13] / Kessler
Quaker Oats train crossing the Rockies
When I send you a picture of Berlin, you'll know it's over, "Over there," I'm coming home