Art Nouveau

Collection Description

Art Nouveau, which flourished in many countries around the turn of the twentieth century, was a decorative style emphasizing curvilinear forms inspired by nature, especially plant-life. The Wolfsonian’s collection is especially strong in the Dutch and Italian variants of this style, known respectively as Nieuwe Kunst and Stile Floreale. Among the highlights are entire period rooms designed by Theodoor Nieuwenhuis and Agostino Lauro, as well as a large collection of Dutch Nieuwe Kunst bookbindings.

Twee | Two
Fish fork: stylized floral motif
Napkin, No. 505, Vlinder [Butterfly]
Marina: ingg. Bianchi, Magnani e Rondoni : Esposizione di Milano, 1906 | Marina: Bianchi, Magnani, and Rondoni, engineers : Milan exposition, 1906
Urn: peach and foliate motif
Covered jar: sweet pea
Agraria: arch. Bongi | Agriculture: Bongi, architect
Vereeniging "Voor de Kunst" Catalogus: prijs f 0,10 | Society "For the Art" Catalogue: price f 0,10
Armchair, for the dining room of the Peter Behrens residence, Darmstadt artists' colony
Design for Tile Composition [Floral Motif]
Parlor table, for the double parlor of Frederico Vercelloni's residence, Sordevolo, Italy
Napkin: Lente pattern [Spring Pattern]
School-idyllen | School girls: y Top Naeef ; with 8 plates from drawings of C. Koppenol
Catalogue des editions de Francois Buffa & Fils: fournisseurs de la cour, editeurs, marchands de Beaux-Arts, Tableaus, Aquarelles, Gravures, Eau-Fortes, Encadrements, Ouvrages illustres, Restauration et Vernissage de Tableaus, etc. etc. : exposition permanente | Catalogue of editions by Francois Buffa & Sons: furnishings of the court, editors, tradesman of fine art, paintings, watercolors, gravures, Aqua fortis, frames, works of art, restoring varnishing paintings, etc. etc. : permanent expositon