Art Nouveau

Collection Description

Art Nouveau, which flourished in many countries around the turn of the twentieth century, was a decorative style emphasizing curvilinear forms inspired by nature, especially plant-life. The Wolfsonian’s collection is especially strong in the Dutch and Italian variants of this style, known respectively as Nieuwe Kunst and Stile Floreale. Among the highlights are entire period rooms designed by Theodoor Nieuwenhuis and Agostino Lauro, as well as a large collection of Dutch Nieuwe Kunst bookbindings.

Armchair, for the double parlor of Frederico Vercelloni's residence, Sordevolo, Italy
Napkin, no. 505, Vlinder [Butterfly]
Sugar bowl from "Saxonia" coffee service, form U126
Vase [floral design]
Aan F. Domela Nieuwenhuis: eerlijk strijder voor de rechten der arbeiders, krachtig figuur in den strijd tegen onrecht, pionier van een betere samenleving, kampvechter voor waarheid en zelfstandigheid, - die nimmer zich zelf ten koste van anderen bevoordeelde, die steeds recht op zijn doel afging, streed tegen huichelaars en fortuinzoekers bekampte, als herinnering aan de oprichting van "Recht voor allen" deze hulde | To F. Domela Nieuwenhuis: honest fighter for the rights of the poor, powerful figure in the fight against the unjust, pioneer for a better life, camp fighter for truth and individuality,- who never favored himself at the cost of someone else, who always completed his task, fought against hypocrites and fortune seekers, as a remembrance for the establishment of "Rights for everyone,"  this tribute
Montandon & C., Ponte Chiasso: ing. Bianchi, Magnani e Rondoni
Uitvoering van het Groen-Theater op Vrijdag 14 October 1898: in de Stads-Gehoorzaal (foyer) des avonds ten acht ure | Carried out by the Groen-Theater on Friday 14 October 1898: in the City Auditorium (foyer) at eight in the evening
Design for wall decoration: organic curvilinear motif
Design for wall decoration
Concert Directie "De Algemeene Muziekhandel" v/h Stumpff & Koning. Spui, Amsterdam: Isadora Duncan : Programma | Concert Management "The General Music House" formerly Stumpff & Koning. Spui, Amsterdam: Isadora Duncan : Program
Padiglione Stampa: arch. Locati
Onze meisjeswereld: geïllustreerd weekblad voor meisjes van 12-16 jaar | Our girlsworld: illustrated weekly for girls aged 12-16 years
Electric light sconce
De  Banneling | The exile
Marina: ing. Bianchi, Magnani e Rondoni | Marina: Bianchi, Magnani, and Rondoni, engineers