Art Nouveau

Collection Description

Art Nouveau, which flourished in many countries around the turn of the twentieth century, was a decorative style emphasizing curvilinear forms inspired by nature, especially plant-life. The Wolfsonian’s collection is especially strong in the Dutch and Italian variants of this style, known respectively as Nieuwe Kunst and Stile Floreale. Among the highlights are entire period rooms designed by Theodoor Nieuwenhuis and Agostino Lauro, as well as a large collection of Dutch Nieuwe Kunst bookbindings.

Gudrun: spel in vijf bedrijven | Gudrun: a play in five acts
Vient de Paraitre Livraison, Mars de las Revue Bimestrielle pour l'art applique | Vient de Paraitre Livraison, March of the Bi-monthly review for applied arts
Tile: berry cluster motif
Montandon & C., Ponte Chiasso: ing. Bianchi, Magnani e Rondoni
Napkin: Lente pattern [Spring Pattern]
Photograph of large tile wall tableau for The Hill Domestic Bakery
Dat  liedekin van here Halewine | The songs of Lord Halewine
De Heer & Mevrouw Gentisobereen hebben de eer U kennis te geven van het voorgenomen huwelijk hunner dochter Henriette | Mr. & Mrs. Gentisobereen have the honor of informing you about the proposed wedding of their daughter, Henriette
Fabric sample [floral motif]
[Prospectus: Tydschrift voor Vercieringskunst] | [Prospectus: Periodical for Decorative Art
Floral ornaments
Design Drawing for a vase decoration [nautilus shell motif]
Noodlot | Fate
Camera obscura | Camera obscura
Dinner plate: curvilinear pattern