Collection Description

“Modernism” is a loosely defined term referring to a wide range of artistic movements beginning in the late nineteenth century. Common to most of these movements was a rejection of historicism in favor of materials, forms, and techniques that seemed suited to an era of mass industrial production, rapid communication and travel, and political upheaval. The Wolfsonian’s collection contains many items associated with self-consciously Modernist movements, including Viennese Secession graphic design, Italian Futurist “air paintings,” Czech and Soviet Constructivist book covers, and Bauhaus furniture.

Mostra sperimentale di fotografia futurista: sotto il patrocinio della Segreteria Provinciale di Torino della Federaz. Autonoma Fascista delle Comunità Artigiane, Segretario Organizzatore: Dott. Piero Boccardi : dal 15 Marzo al 6 Aprile 1931 in Torino V
Model for an interior element: grotesque motif
Banister: straight and spiral motif
Banister: straight and spiral motif
Vase: Grés Keramis
Signage: Numeral 6
Study III for Whence & Whither?
Sugar bowl: gourd
Signage: Numeral 4
Coffee cup with saucer: gourd
Dish: abstract stars and sun motif
Lily Cup Cabinet
Signage: Numeral 1