WPA and New Deal America

Collection Description

In 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt initiated a number of programs to pull the United States out of the Great Depression and reform the country’s economic system. Roosevelt’s New Deal programs touched many aspects of American society, including the arts. The Wolfsonian’s collection contains prints, posters, ceramics, paintings, sculptures, and illustrated books produced by artists working for the Federal Arts Project as well as a great variety of materials intended to persuade the public to embrace such New Deal initiatives as the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Rural Electrification Administration, and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Also in the collection are dozens of studies for murals, which were submitted to competitions organized by the Treasury Department for the decoration of federal buildings such as post offices.

The  kangaroo and others too
See America. Welcome to Montana
Harmony and Achievement [For the Auditorium of the High School of Central Need Trades (now known as the High School of Fashion Industries), New York]
Exhibition of Work by Art Teachers of the Federal Art Project
Dedication by Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt: South Side Community Art Center, May 7, 1941
Key West guide book: an aid to the visitor--- fall and winter 1935-1936
Union Meeting
The  Roosevelt record: a New Deal in facts
Sheet Aluminum
Wyoming narrative report, Works Progress Administration, September 21, 1936 to October 20, 1936
Oil Country