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The Wolfsonian’s collection captures the revolution in transportation that took place from the late nineteenth century onward, with the development of automobiles and air travel as well as the vast expansion of railroads and steamship lines. Commercial posters promoted the new means of travel; decorative arts drew aesthetic inspiration from the powerful forms of ocean liners, streamlined locomotives, and airplanes; and propaganda material hailed the achievements of pioneer aviators, such as Italy’s Italo Balbo. The related rise of the modern tourist industry is documented by promotional materials of all kinds, including the Vicki Gold Levi collection of advertisements, brochures, menus, and other items from pre-Revolutionary Cuba and the Laurence Miller Collection of ocean liner and cruise ship industry materials.

1936: Viel Glück im neuen Jahr! : Mit dem Gross-Motorschiff "Monte Rosa" : Weihnachten nach den atlantischen Inseln : Kapitän Max Castan : (Madeira) Mittwoch, den 1. Januar, 1936 (Neujahr) : Vegetarische Speisenfolge
Nationale Luchtvaart School [National Aeronautics School]
S.S. Manhattan
Asama Maru: the farthest advance in trans-Pacific shipping
Heiden, Ihr Ferien-Ort: Kur-Hotel Krone-Schweizerhof
Petit déjeuner = Breakfast: Paquebot "Ile-de-France" : classe cabine
Fun map of the sunshine zone: lowest fares in history to Florida, Gulf Coast, New Orleans by Greyhound
Servizi Aerei Ala Littoria S.A. Roma [Aerial Services Ala Littoria S.A. Rome]
Baltic Air Express
There's a girl in Havana
Budapest, Roma, New York
The  New triple-screw steamships: Resolute and Reliance : New York-Hamburg service
Pelgrimages naar oude plekjes en oude tijden | Pilgrimages from old places and old times