War and Political Propaganda

Collection Description

The Wolfsonian holds an impressive collection of war propaganda from almost all the combatant countries in both World Wars along with a number of smaller wars. Items in this category range widely from posters, postcards, sheet music, and medallions to paintings and sculpture.

The collection also contains holdings related to the far-reaching propaganda campaigns waged during the interwar period, especially by the totalitarian governments of Italy, Germany, and the Soviet Union. Vivid representations of the personality cults constructed around the dictators of these countries are also prevalent, such as a Central Asian tapestry portraying Joseph Stalin or a poster depicting Benito Mussolini in the guise of a Roman emperor.

After the war is over, will there be any "Home sweet home"
No Secession In California - Join South
...E Cosi Viaggiammo per Ben 32 Giorni in Compagnia...[...And so we traveled at least 32 days with the cold, hunger and death]
Ejército Popular: periódico del combatiente
Coronation souvenir book, 1937
Commissie voor Aangehouden Lading [Commission for Hold Up Cargo]
Addis Abeba: filiale del Banco di Roma | Addis Abeba: branch of the Bank of Rome
Homes forts, al front! | Strong men to the front lines!
Cafeteria tray
Tarjeta postal de campaña
Anthropomorphized coil figure stepping on islands depicting Hirohito who represents Japan
Plant a Victory Garden