World’s Fairs and Expositions

Collection Description

World’s fairs were landmark events in an era before television and the World Wide Web, before long-distance travel became a routine experience for many people. The Wolfsonian’s collection traces the evolution of the fairs, from the 1851 Crystal Palace Exposition in London to the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Among the world’s fair material in the collection are souvenirs and other commemorative objects, drawings for the pavilions, objects and artwork that were displayed at the fairs, and a vast amount of publications, from multi-volume official catalogs to brochures.

Teaspoon from the New York World's Fair, 1939
Middenstands en Gas Tentoonstelling Jaarbeurs Gebouw [Tradespeople and Gas Exhibition/ 7-12 April in the Industries Fair Building]
Design for 1939 New York World Fair: Sculpture of a figure on a winged horse
Vase: Monart, similar to shape OF
Europäische Plastik [European Plastic]
Maquette, for "Column of Perfection," Heinz Pavilion, 1939 New York World's Fair: Female Figure
Souvenir parasol from A Century of Progress, Chicago
Goblet: Embassy 4900 Line
Ausstellung Nürnberg 1935 100 Jahre Deutsche Eisenbahnen [Exhibition Nuremburg 1935 100 Years German Railways]
Paris Pavillon De Marsan Palais Du Louvre Exhibition of British Arts and Crafts April October 1914
Fairsex Toilet Soap Bar
4. Reichsnährstands Ausstellung München, 30.5 - 6.6. 1937 [Fourth Sate Food Producers' Exhibition]
IV Mostra Nazionale dell'Agricoltura Bologna [Fourth National Agrcultural Exhibition ...]
San Francisco Bay Exposition, Yerba Buena Island: Sculptural Model Group of South Garden (Enchanted Garden)