Der Sieg Wird Unser Sein! [Victory Will Be Ours!]

Der Sieg Wird Unser Sein! [Victory Will Be Ours!]
  • Title :     Der Sieg Wird Unser Sein! [Victory Will Be Ours!]
  • Artist:     Elk Eber Designer Unknown, Publisher Carl v.d. Linnepe Printer
  • Accession:     XX1990.3043
  • Country:     Germany Lüdenscheid
  • Date:     circa 1942
  • Dimensions:     Inches 46-7/8 33-1/8, Centimeters 119.1 84.1
  • Collection:     Object
  • Category:     Posters and Printed Ephemera
  • Collection Theme:     War and Political Propaganda
  • Subject:     Nazism/Third Reich , War/Military , Figurative , Propaganda , World War II 1940-1945
  • Credit Line:     The Wolfsonian–Florida International University, Miami Beach, Florida, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection
  • URL:     XX1990.3043.JPG
  • Tags:     War and Political Propaganda~Posters and Printed Ephemera
Ink on paper offset color lithograph mounted on linen depicting a German soldier with the national flag and the war ensign flying behind him.