Havana nights

Havana nights
  • Title :     Havana nights
  • Artist:     Chabrier, Alexis Emm. (composer.) | Levi, Vicki Gold (donor.) | Belwin, Inc. (publisher)
  • Accession:     XC2002.11.4.146
  • Collection:     Library
  • Subject:     Popular music | Popular music , Cuba , 1941-1950 | Songs and music | Pictorial works
  • URL:     http://libimages.wolfsonian.org/XC2002.11.4.146_000.jpg
by Alexis Emm. Chabrier. | "a John W. Schaum arrangement"--cover. | "Havana nights (the Habanera form) There is much discussion as to the originality of the Habanera, but authorities do agree that it is Spanish. Whether it has African influence, or whether the Cubans added their own particular zest to it, we leave an open question....The dance accompanying the Habanera is slow and oriental in character. The feet stay close to the ground, but the extreme movements of arms, hips, head, and eyes suggest the African café influence."--p. 2. | English. | Cuba style : graphics from the golden age of design by Vicki Gold Levi & Steven Heller / New York, N.Y. : Princeton Architectural Press, c2002, p. 160.