[I mperial Airways postcards]

[I mperial Airways postcards]
  • Title :     [I mperial Airways postcards]
  • Artist:     Raphael Tuck & Sons (publishers.) | Imperial Airways, Ltd | s.n. (publisher)
  • Accession:     XC1991.86.2-9
  • Collection:     Library
  • Category:     Posters and Printed Ephemera
  • Collection Theme:     Travel, Transportation, and Tourism
  • Subject:     Imperial Airways, Ltd. | Airplanes, Commercial | Airplanes, Commercial , England | Airports | Airports , England
  • URL:     http://libimages.wolfsonian.org/XC1991.86.2.000.jpg
  • Tags:     ~Travel, Transportation, and Tourism~Posters and Printed Ephemera
"Heracles" Imperial Airways air-liner (2 copies). -- The aft cabin of an imperial Airways liner of the Heracles class. -- "Hannibal" Imperial Airways air-liner. -- Imperial Airways air liner over Croydon Aerodrome. -- Cockpit of Imperial Airways air-liner. -- Control tower, Croydon Aerodrome. -- Imperial Airways air liner over Croyden [sic] Aerodrome. | "Rohan et Cie., Book Stall, Terminal Aerodrome, Croydon"--recto (XC1991.86.2-3) | "Printed in England. Official photograph, Imperial Airways. Raphael Tuck & Sons' "Real Photograph" postcard. Art publishers to their Majesties the king and queen and the H.R.H., the Prince of Wales." | English.