Letter opener: cattail plant motif

Letter opener: cattail plant motif
  • Title :     Letter opener: cattail plant motif
  • Artist:     Unknown, Designer
  • Accession:     XX1990.1429.1 a,b
  • Country:     Unknown
  • Date:     date unknown
  • Dimensions:     Inches 7-1/2 1-1/8 length, Centimeters 19.1 2.9 length
  • Collection:     Object
  • Category:     Decorative Arts and Furniture
  • Subject:     Metal/Metal Design , Communication
  • Credit Line:     The Wolfsonian–Florida International University, Miami Beach, Florida, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection
  • URL:     XX1990.1429.1-2 A,B.JPG
  • Tags:     Decorative Arts and Furniture
Metal letter opener with chromed blade mounted to a handle in the form of a tall gilded cylindrical cattail plant with flat blade-shaped leaves and stems bearing a cluster of flower spikes which enclose a small chrome sphere. a: letter opener, b: case [which also holds the seal (XX1990.1429.2)]