The Living Newspaper

The  Living Newspaper
  • Title :     The Living Newspaper
  • Artist:     Kruse, Bettijune (donor.) | Federal Theatre Project (New York, N.Y.) Play Bureau. | Federal Theater Project (publisher)
  • Accession:     XC2005.03.5
  • Collection:     Library
  • Collection Theme:     WPA and the New Deal
  • Subject:     Arent, Arthur , 1904-1972 | Federal Theatre Project (U.S.) | Theater | Theater , 20th century | Theater and society | Theater and society , United States | Theater , Political aspects | Theater , Political aspects , United States | Theater and state | Theater and state , United States | Slums | Slums , Government policy , United States | Slums in literature | Federal aid to the theater | Federal aid to the theater , United States | Federal aid to the arts | Federal aid to the arts , United States
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"Living Newspaper material is compiled by a staff under supervision of Irving Mendell with Richard J. McManus as head of research and Stephen Madigan as head of the library"--front page. | "Past Performances ' third of a nation...' is the fifth Living Newspaper presented to the public by the WPA Federal Theatre Project. Earlier ones were: 'Power', 'Injunction Granted!', 'Highlights of 1935', 'Triple-A Plowed Under'"--front page. | Theater playbill is formatted to resemble a small daily newspaper. | "The Federal Theatre presents ' of a nation...' a Living Newspaper about housing by Arthur Arent, based on research compiled by the editiorial staff of the Living Newspaper, staged by Lem Ward...."--p. 2-3. | English.