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Design for the Interior of the New Street Cinema, Birmingham
Porticato Galleria del Lavoro: ingg. Bianchi, Magnani e Rondoni : Esposizione di Milano, 1906 | Portico of the Gallery of Work: Bianchi, Magnani e Rondoni, engineers : Milan exposition, 1906
Nu Komt-ie Los... [Now he's coming loose]
"Coming events cast their shadows..."
The  Royal Tailors: Chicago, New York : spring & summer season, 1916
Tenants of the Almighty
Artists victory exhibit in miniature
Design for an entrance card, Royal Netherlands Industries Fair, 10 t/m 19 Sept. 1946
Design for fireplace: red tiles with metal hood
Vase: Monart, shape HG
Design for a floral pattern
Perspective rendering of building
New Wembley 1925 Better and Brighter Than Ever
P.V.V. Foire Internationale de Prague [P. V. V. Prague International Fair]
El Ejército Popular es el ejército de la República | The Popular Army is the army of the Republic
Aan F. Domela Nieuwenhuis: eerlijk strijder voor de rechten der arbeiders, krachtig figuur in den strijd tegen onrecht, pionier van een betere samenleving, kampvechter voor waarheid en zelfstandigheid, - die nimmer zich zelf ten koste van anderen bevoordeelde, die steeds recht op zijn doel afging, streed tegen huichelaars en fortuinzoekers bekampte, als herinnering aan de oprichting van "Recht voor allen" deze hulde | To F. Domela Nieuwenhuis: honest fighter for the rights of the poor, powerful figure in the fight against the unjust, pioneer for a better life, camp fighter for truth and individuality,- who never favored himself at the cost of someone else, who always completed his task, fought against hypocrites and fortune seekers, as a remembrance for the establishment of "Rights for everyone,"  this tribute
Kaly Il Lucido Dei Lords [Kaly The Polish of the Lords]
Bread basket: Ferro-China Bisleri
Design for wall decoration