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Lieveke | Lieveke
Design for chocolate box, Longchamps
Perspective of Interior Proposed Redecoration of Restaurant Hess Brothers Allentown, Pennsylvania
Coaling at the Dutch ports
La Pureté du dessin, la simplicité des lignes, l'harmonie générale de l' ensemble
At the San Diego Panama-California Exposition all the year 1915: Marines from U.S.S. San Diego visit exposition
Go by National to gay Havana: National Airlines, route of the Buccaneers
Container: vermouth decanter, keg form
Ship's officers port menu: meal hours : breakfast 7:30-8:30, lunch 11:30-12:30, dinner 4:30-5:30 : Saturday, January 5, 1952
Bookend from the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
Teacup and saucer
Clock, from the Dr. Rosenberger residence, Berlin
Planting in the West, the new way
Skazka o tsarie Saltane: o synie ego slavnom i moguchem bogatyrie, kniazie Gvidonie Saltanovichie, i o prekrasnoi tsarevnie Lebedi | The tale of Tsar Saltan: of his son, the glorious and mighty Prince Guidon Saltanovich, and of the fair Swan-Princess
The Botanical Gardens showing Botanical Building on the left and Foreign and Domestic Industries on the right: Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Pepper shaker, Benjamin Disraeli
Die Parteitag der Macht, Nürnberg, 1934