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Tegel- en Faiencefabriek "Amphora Holland" : Morschweg - Oegstgeest | Tile and Faience Factory "Amphora Holland" : Morschweg - Oegstgeest
Side chair
You Are Wanted Too! Join the A.T.S
Cyrano de Bergerac | Cyrano de Bergerac
Souvenir spoon from Saint Louis World's Fair, 1904
Centerpiece with liner
Coffeepot [Peapod motif]
Sioux Indian Family
Shipping, Engineering & Machinery Exhibition, Olympia, Sep. 7th to 23rd, 1933
Peace and goodwill to men: Christmas, 1937
Interior Design of the National Bank Of India Ltd., Rangoon
Budd analysis of changes in transportation: volume two, the Florida story
Hohner Echo Elite harmonica box
Relief: Hella-Brunn 1909
Werkbund Ausstellung. Die Form [Werkbund Exhibition, The Form]
Les nits són fredes: treballeu per al front | The units are cold: work for those at the front
Promenade Deck
Design for a tile tableau [water lilies motif]
Perspective rendering of building