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Mostra ferroviaria: arch. Bongi | Railway extension: Bongi, architect
Wild Life: The National Park Preserve all Life
Washington Hunger March (December 1932)
Buttresses of the Transportation Building, 1933 Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago
The  times of Cuba: a monthly review of Cuba and the Isle of Pines
Die Parteitag der Macht, Nürnberg, 1934
12. Deutsches Turnfest in Leipzig, 12-16 Juli, 1913 [Twelfth German Gymnastics Festival in Leipzig]
El fred es un aliat ... del feixisme: dones, treballeu! | The cold is an ally ... of fascism: women, work!
Pelimex presenta ¡Ole Cuba!: una pelicula 100 x 100 cubana
Design for chocolate box, Longchamps Assortment
Golden hours along the Spanish Main
Social Security
Aviation Yesterday; Plastic Demountable Mural designed for Western Airlines' coffee shop, Long Beach Airport
Cuba: Zira cigarettes
Polyorama Panoptique: Windsor, Le Palais de Buckingham anciennement
Numero unico
Openbare Lagere School [Public Lower School]
Ein Volk, ein Reich | One people, one state
Pas Op Die Braam! [Watch out for the burr!]
If You Tell Where He's Going He May Never Get There!