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Croisiere du "Gripsholm" aux Indes: Ceylan, l'Afrique Orientale, l'Egypte, la Palestine, la Syrie et la Méditerranée, Janvier - Mars 1934
The Strand, New York: a national institution
Das Wunder des Lebens: Ausstellung, Berlin 1935 : 23. März bis 5. Mai : Ausstellungshallen am Kaiserdamm | The wonder of life: Exhibition, Berlin 1935 : March 23 to May 5 : Exhibition halls at Kaiserdamm
Entwurf für ein stadthotel in Brünn, Grundriss des Souterrains [Design for a city hotel in Brünn, Ground plan for basement]
Arbete och Trygghet At alla: Arbetarepartiet [Work and Security for all: Labor Party]
Pennsylvania Industries
Tombola N. 1: Pitagorica, geometrica, iconografica : tombola dei soldati per la 1ª e 2ª classe
Lamp: cactus motif
Plaque: turtle and mountain motif
Botanical Court, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 1915
Design for a Tile tableau [lily motif]
[Child in aristrocratic attire kissing the hand of a girl stepping out of a gondola; with Venetian architectural elements]
Commemorative medal, Ganz and Company January 17, 1914
Incense burner
The Third Regiment Headquarters at Azabu, May 1932
Ministero educazione nazionale : op. naz. "balilla"