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Perfume atomizer
Display case for Edison Mazda Automobile Lamps
Some bonnet: I eat & drink out of it; it protects my brains; it'll come home with me under it
More Production Kinda Give it Your Personal Attention, Will You?
Bozzetti dei nuovi francobolli italiani | Sketches of the new Italian stamps
Man with Block and Tackle
Puerto Rico: a guide to the island of Boriquén
Soviets in Spain: the October armed uprising against fascism
L' Inghilterra: unica colpevole degli attacchi aerei contro la popolazione civile | England : the only party guilty  of air strikes against the civilian population | Chi ha cominciato?
Arrigoni Vi Regala
Banister: linear and spiral motif
Pendant: Victory Monument
Palace of Science:  Amerrica's Exposition, San Diego, California
Un masque protège efficacement lorsqu'il est correctement ajusté [A Mask Protects Effectively as Long as It Fits Correctly]
Sailings and fares to Egypt, India, Ceylon & Burma: with connections: Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Iraq
Pavilon mesta Prahu = Pavillon der Stadt Prag | Pavilion of the City of Prague
Esperia: express service between Europe & Egypt
Perspective rendering of monumental facade of a great viaduct
Foire de Paris Mai 1939 [Fair of Paris, May 1939]