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The  three-cornered hat
Mostra Agraria: Milano, Esposizione 1906
Hitler Jugend Trommler [Hitler Youth Drummer]
Llegiu!: Treball: diari dels treballadors de la ciutat i del camp | It's arrived! Work: the newspaper for the workers of the city and the countryside
Hirakawa Gate in the Spring Rain, April 1936
Souvenir spoon from the World's Columbian Exposition
Taki River and Otonashi River at Kongoji Temple, December 1932
Design for boxes, no. 129 and no. 157
[They Swapped Horses for Steel Steeds]
Ochutnavarný = Kosthallen | Food court
God's man: a novel in woodcuts
Formal Gardens and Citrus Grove from Southern Counties Building: Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915: Puente Cabrillo, through lower pergola
Nebraska folklore pamphlets | Early Nebraska cooking
The  builders of Timberline Lodge
Lloyd Sabaudo
Para Salvar el Arte de España Hay Que Aplastar el Fascismo [To Save the Art of Spain it is Necessary to Crush Fascism]
Mostra Cinematografica della Biennale Venezia 1936 AN. XIV [Film Show of the Biennale Venice 1936 Year XIV]
Merman and Mermaid
Le  Studentesche