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�Viva Espa�a! �Viva La Republica! 14 abril, 1931: Capit�n Fermin Gal�n | Long live Spain! Long live the Republic! April 14, 1931: Captain Fermin Gal�n
Wall ornament from Santa Fe Railroad dining car
Uitvoering van het Groen-Theater op Vrijdag 14 October 1898: in de Stads-Gehoorzaal (foyer) des avonds ten acht ure | Carried out by the Groen-Theater on Friday 14 October 1898: in the City Auditorium (foyer) at eight in the evening
New York Breadline
Fahrräder: "Regina," "Rola," "Walco," "Alpa," Avanti," "Rappa" : sind Schweizer-Produkte
Ethnology Building showing California towers in background, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
Oliefabrieken Calvé Delft N.O.F.: Augustus September October [Oil Factories Calvé Delft N.O.F: August September October]
50 Jahre Industriellenball, 1861-1911 | 50 year anniversary of industrial balls, 1861-1911 | 1861-1911 Industriellen-ball | Jubiläums-Industriellenball, 1861-1911
Josef Hoffmann
Glimpse of San Joaquin Valley and Kern Counties Buildings and pipe organ in distance, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Cyrano de Bergerac | Cyrano de Bergerac
Madonna and Child
The  tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Soldier throwing grenade
Pluvieren op de Zeeslikken, December 1930 [Pluvers at the Mud Flats at Sea, December 1930]
Jersey Relief Project
Going Ashore?
Neerland's twaalfde provincie: de Minahasa [Holland's twelfth province: the Minahasa]
Commemorative plate from the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904