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Plate from the Saint Louis World's Fair 1904
Vase: Rotary
Electric coffee urn with cup, no. 2602
Märklin : Egon Wiedling, München: das haus für nur gediegene spielwaren
Champagne coupe, Peer [Pear] service
Centerpiece: right candleholder
Box: geometric designs
Gl. Garibaldi The Friend of Italy
The  Peanut vendor (El manisero) fox-trot
Rakovnická továrna na chamotové zboží = Rakonitzer Chamottenwaaren-Fabrik | Rakovnik chamotte manufacturing plant
Ajudeu Als Persecuits Antifeixistes Socors Roig Internacional
De Centrale arbeiders-verzekerings en depositobank s' Gravenhage [The Central Workers, Insurances and Deposit Bank, The Hague]
Harvesting on the prairie
Industrie seriche italiane: archti. Fontana e Tononi | Italian silk industry: Fontana and Tononi, architects
Bombardement, zoo sterven kinderen in Madrid [Bombardment, This is How Children Die in Madrid]
Rey de Cuba
Sparkling Latin atmosphere in Cuba
Vase: stepped cylindrical form
R.M.S. Queen Mary luncheon menu [for] Sunday, June 7, 1936