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Marshall Carmona
S.S. Europa passenger list: liste der Reisenden
Looking East over Fine Arts Basin: Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco, 1915
More Production
American Democracy/Private Enterprise-And They Said Our System Was Crumbling!
Administration Building and main entrance: Cotton States & International Exposition
Stè. Gle. de Transports Maritimes À Vapeur [General Society of Maritime Steam Transport]
Design of modern interiors
Guardias de Asalto | Assault guards
Enrique Malatesta
Egg coddler, model no. 2875
When Mr. Yankee Doodle comes to town
Vigilancia en la retaguardia | Vigilance in the rearguard
Box: geometric designs
L'Ira....interventista [Anger ... interventionist]
Take your car to Cuba
Music Pavilion
Mazda Perle
Der Sieg Des Lichtes [The Victory of Light]
Genua Barcelona [Genoa Barcelona]