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Triennale d'oltremare, Napoli, 1940-XVIII
Livret CFF: Exposition Nationale
U.S. camera, 1940
Teacup: Army Co-Operation
Ice Club
Rock Quarry: study of a stone driller [mural study for U.S. Post Office, Westerly, Rhode Island]
Artistiek damast | Artistic damask | Catalogus van E.J.F. van Dissel en Zonen, Linenfabrikanten te Eindhoven : Levering, Rechtstreeks aan Particulieren
Workers positioning pipe in ditch
La ruta del socialismo en España: ensayo de crítica y táctica revolucionaria
Kunstschau Klimtgruppe, Wien, 1908 | Art exhibition of the Klimt group, Vienna, 1908
Building Better Automobiles for Over Fifty Years, 50th Anniversary 1903-1953
Goblet, Embassy 4900 Line
Ashtray [Fox]
De  kinderen der zee: schetsen naar het leven aan onze Hollandsche stranden | The children of the sea: sketches of the lives of our Dutch beaches
Uruguay: "Gaucho of 1860"
Quaderno di [blank] | Notebook of [blank]
Design drawing for a decoration for a vase [floral and insect motif]
The  road back
Work to Keep Free!
Rockefeller Center, New York, New York Central Lines