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Pulvinare dell'Arena, Arch. Bongi
De  navolging Christi | The imitation of Christ
Gli  annali dell'Africa italiana
Liqueur glass, Peer [Pear] service
Bomber Factory
I'm going to be an express wagon when I come back
Guide du meilleur graissage
Texas Centennial Exposition, 1936 - Dallas, Texas
The Letter
Menu: Panama Mail Steamship Company
San Francisco Bay Exposition, Yerba Buena Island: Sculptural Models on Main Entrance Towers (Portals of the Pacific)
Carnaval de La Habana, 1956: February 11 to March 11
Imminent Fall of Jochu
Succinum, No. 9
Vase: Monart, similar to shape QE
Cup: teacup and saucer
White collar: novel in linocuts