Untitled [Benito Mussolini]

Untitled [Benito Mussolini]
  • Title :     Untitled [Benito Mussolini]
  • Artist:     Carlo Guarnieri Artist
  • Accession:     84.4.26
  • Country:     Italy
  • Date:     1925
  • Dimensions:     Inches 36-1/2 25-1/4 Dimensions, sheet Inches 34-1/2 22-1/2 Dimensions, image, Centimeters 92.7 64.1 Dimensions, sheet Centimeters 87.6 57.2 Dimensions, image
  • Collection:     Object
  • Category:     Prints, Drawings, and Photographs
  • Subject:     Portraits , Mussolini , Fascism , Figurative
  • Credit Line:     The Wolfsonian–Florida International University, Miami Beach, Florida, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection
  • URL:     84.4.26.JPG
  • Tags:     Prints, Drawings, and Photographs
Ink on paper original wood engraving depicting Mussolini as a young man dressed in black robes with his hands on a book with the inscription "Roma/Ottobre MCMXXII"; a pair of fasces act as columns on each side of an archway which is a symbolic reference to the "March on Rome" when Mussolini became the Secretary of State (Primo Ministro), beginning the Fascist dominance of Italy.