Vacations...! Where...? Cuba is the answer

Vacations...! Where...? Cuba is the answer
  • Title :     Vacations...! Where...? Cuba is the answer
  • Artist:     Levi, Vicki Gold (donor.) | Cuban Tourist Comission (publisher)
  • Accession:     XC2002.11.4.212
  • Date:     2002-
  • Collection:     Library
  • Category:     Posters and Printed Ephemera
  • Collection Theme:     Travel, Transportation, and Tourism
  • Subject:     Travel , In art | Exoticism , In art | Tourist trade | Tourist trade , Cuba , 20th century | Tourism | Tourism , Cuba , 20th century | Sailing ships , In art | Ocean liners , In art | Airplanes , In art
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  • Tags:     ~Travel, Transportation, and Tourism~Posters and Printed Ephemera
"IF YOU ARE IN SEARCH OF A COUNTRY...TOTALLY different to your own, in customs and pleasures, full of romantic appeal, of incomparable scenery, of the most rhythmic music in the world, which has cities with the flavor of old Spain and at the same time, modern beauty; marvelous beaches and miraculous fishing grounds; a sun that cures human ills and breezes that temper the ardor of summer days; mineral springs for all known ailments; roads bordered with almost fantastic vegetation; if you are looking for all this and even more than you can ascertain with precision, COME TO CUBA" -- recto. | English.