Y.C.L. builder

Y.C.L. builder
  • Title :     Y.C.L. builder
  • Artist:     Published for the Young Communist League, National Committee, by Youth Publishers (publisher)
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  • Category:     Industrial Design
  • Collection Theme:     War and Political Propaganda
  • Subject:     Young Communist League of the U.S. | Communism | Communism , United States , 1932 , -Periodicals | Socialism and youth | Socialism and youth , United States , Periodicals | Working class , In art | Industry , In art | Industry , In art , Periodicals | Laborers | Laborers , 1930-1940 | Hammers | Hammers , 1930-1940 | Factories | Factories , 1930-1940
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Successful concentration on the Regal Doll Shop. -- Formal, incorrect methods in shop work. -- Concentration at the yards. -- United front for youth relief. -- For greater sensitivity to the needs of the youth. -- Building groups in a steel mill. -- The work of a YCL unit in a farming section. -- A more determined struggle against white chauvinism. -- Using the young worker during a strike. -- How to fight for free gyms. -- Looking for the YCL. -- How we won a tough gang over. -- Sectarian practices of YCL in unions. -- An experience in working with non-leagues youth. -- The war danger and the Marine industry. -- How we organized a successful house meeting. -- Dues chart. -- For a systematic education of our membership. -- Experience in doing shop work. -- "I work in a shop but get no guidance." -- Developing youth work in the anthracite. -- An example of lack of continuity in our shop work. -- How we built up personal contact. -- Mistake in organizing a strike. -- Struggle for the youth by exposing opponent organizations. -- A wrong and correct method of doing shop work. -- A big lesson from a small strike. -- A timely criticism. -- The Trenton strike and our struggle against layoffs. -- Burocratic handling of shop workers. -- Immediate steps in unemployed youth work. -- Winning youth through struggle for needs. -- The ironwood youth job and relief march. -- For a sharper struggle for youth relief. -- Building a club of non-league farm youth. -- Building the league in Norfolk. -- Experiences in touring for a Lithuanian organization. -- Making contact with membership of YPSL. -- Work in the National guard. -- A new members opinion of a unit. -- Stalin to the Y.C.L. on theory and practice. -- Root out mistakes on the National question. -- Young Ford worker. -- Young needle worker. -- Study section - struggle for masses of youth in organizations. -- Book review - capitalist stabilization has ended. -- Ninth plenum of E.C.Y.C.I. a weapon of struggle for the youth. -- The Y.C.L. as a leader in the Chicago shoe strike. -- Youth work in the trade unions. -- An experience with Y.P.S.L. leadership at a strike. -- How we led and won a strike in the needle trades. -- The Y.C.L. and the Marine industry. -- Why should members of the Y.C.L. pay dues. -- Clarity on farm youth work. -- Mechanical methods of work - a cause for fluctuation. -- Organizing the homeless youth. -- Youth among negro youth. -- How a successful farming region house meetingwas conducted. -- Shop papers. -- Study section - the united front. -- Book review - the highway of hunger. -- For a mighty national youth day, May 30. -- Locust point anti-war demonstration. -- Lessons of trade union work. -- The fight for unemployment youth relief in Detroit. -- Mistakes in applying the united front. -- Experience on united front with Y.P.S.L. -- A Y.C.L. member in Briggs strike. -- Building organization of homeless youth. -- How a fraction should work. -- Results of work in evening recreation centers. -- Dues chart. -- Study section - the young peoples socialist league. -- Shop papers. -- Book review - fix bayonets. -- For permanency in anti-war work. -- For increased activity among the homeless youth. -- Opposition work in the trade union. -- How we worked with the young peoples socialist league in Chicago. -- Work in the trade schools. -- Experiences of the Detroit league in the united front for relief. -- Minnesota farm youth conference. -- Incorrect line on Roosevelt camps. -- Statement of Birmingham district on negro students conference. -- On the 9th plenum of the Y.C.I. Chemadanov speech. -- The teachings of Karl Marx - Lenin. -- Editorial. -- July plenun discussion - excerpts from speeches active work of a shop nucleus; lessons of a shop nucleus; struggle agains the NRA; organizing youth for struggle. -- YCL in the Berry Pickers strike. -- Lessons of a glass strike. -- Strike in a sweatshop. -- Opposition work in AFL. -- Murray-Ohio strike. -- The AFL, the NRA and the YCL. -- Organizing farm youth. -- In the spotlight. -- Work in opponent organizations. -- Study section-trade unions. -- Fighting the NRA in steel. -- Shop papers. -- Book reviews. -- Fighting lay-offs. -- St. Louis shop unit fights lay-offs. -- Fighting lay-offs in R.C.A. -- Lessons from fight against lay-offs. -- Shop work. -- Daily activities of a shop nucleus. -- Work of a nucleus within A.F.L. union. -- Fight against factory spies. -- Forces and shop concentration. -- Y.C.L. recruiting. -- Scottsboro and recruiting in Harlem. -- Doubling units membership through struggle. -- The fight against flunctuation. -- Building the league in New Mexico Mine strike. -- The youth movement on the farm. -- Youth opposition in the U.M.W.A. -- We need a Y.C.L. unit. -- Experiences in a C.C.C. -- Scottsboro protest strikes in Philadelphia. -- Ferment in reformist youth organizations. -- Third national American youth congress. -- Build the farmer-labor party among the youth. -- For peace and security. -- National negro congress. -- Soviet youth face glorious future. -- Buffalo reports. -- From a recent speech by Gil Green. -- On the Eve of organic unity in Spain. -- A step toward the united youth league. -- Use of all forms in trade union work. -- Progressive club federations. -- The farmer-labor juniors. -- Around the league. -- What's what in children's work. -- Education of a new type. -- Make the pen a weapon of struggle. | Library holds: (Unbound): Vol.1, No.3 (November 15, 1932); Vol.1, No.4 (January 1, 1933); Vol.1, No.5 (February 1, 1933) ; Vol.1, No.5-6 (March-April, 1933); Vol.1, No.7 (May, 1933); Vol.1, No.8 (June, 1933); Vol.2, No.1 (September, 1933); Vol.2, No.3 (February-march, 1934); Vol.2, No.4 (1936: missing cover) | Irregular. | Began with v.1, no.2? October? 1932 issue; ceased with: Vol.2, no.4 (1936) | Continues: Y.C.L. organizer. | Continued by: Y.C.L. builder (Young Communist League, New York. District Committee) | English.