Current Exhibitions

February 25 2016 - May 15 2016
Examining U.S.-Cuba relations in the early twentieth century, this installation traces American foreign policy from Theodore Roosevelt’s “big stick” diplomacy and push for...   [  MORE   ]
November 21 2015 - May 31 2016
Polish-born artist Feliks Topolski traveled to the USSR in 1941 with a British transport convoy. There, he recorded scenes showing the formation of the Polish Army behind...   [  MORE   ]
November 13 2015 - May 08 2016
Margin of Error explores cultural responses to mechanical mastery and engineered catastrophes of the modern age—the shipwrecks, crashes, explosions, collapses, and novel...   [  MORE   ]
Inaugurated in November 1995, this ongoing exhibition is periodically updated with works from The Wolfsonian collection.   [  MORE   ]
During the 1930s, American artists covered the walls of public buildings all across the country with murals meant to display the nation’s history and ideals.   [  MORE   ]