Moderne: Fashioning the French Interior

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Moderne: Fashioning the French Interior is an exciting exhibition that examines French interior design of the 1920s, focusing on limited-edition luxury portfolios created using a traditional stencil technique known in France as pochoir. The revitalization of the pochoir technique offered a novel graphic approach to depict and disseminate modern interiors and decorative patterns to the public, artfully promoting new design while eschewing commercialization. The vibrant images in these portfolios document the furnishings and interiors of the leading designers of the time including Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Robert Mallet-Stevens, and Eileen Gray, among others. The portfolios provide a lens for understanding the tensions that existed within France at the time regarding matters of style and taste in interior decoration. The exhibition elucidates how the choice of the pochoir technique reinforced the designers’ conception of the modern interior from the traditional to the avant-garde. The spectacular color images from the portfolios present a great variety of solutions that will delight today’s audiences.

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