January 2014

New at the Shop

January 20 2014

Now that the holiday shopping is behind you, it’s time to get back on that horse…after all, Valentine’s Day approaches! The Wolfsonian Museum Shop has plenty of new items on hand, so if you haven’t been by lately, now is the perfect occasion to check things out. And when you do, we hope you’ll budget in time to sample the creations of our new café operator—a fine selection of superlative sandwiches and salads created by Chef Jeremiah’s Subatomic Sandwiches.

Catching Up with Micky Wolfson on the Occasion of the Rebirth of Rome

January 20 2014

When Wolfsonian founder Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. purchased the studies for the artist Ferruccio Ferrazzi’s mosaic Il Mito di Roma [The Myth of Rome], on view in the exhibition The Birth of Rome, he was motivated in part by similarities he perceived between his hometown of Miami Beach and the interplay of ancient and modern Rome expressed in the studies.

Collection Highlight: An Example of First World War Children’s Propaganda

January 20 2014

As the hundred year anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War approaches this coming August, I have been reviewing propaganda materials from the library collection for possible inclusion in forthcoming exhibitions commemorating the “Great War.” I have long been interested in children’s propaganda books and games, partly because of their reliance on illustrations to get their message across to younger audiences (and the parent who presumably purchased and read the books or played the games with their children).

Welcoming Subatomic Sandwiches to The Wolfsonian

January 20 2014
For quite some time, it has been difficult to get a truly good sandwich in Miami, and still more difficult to get a truly good sub—the city is a wasteland when it comes to worthy sandwiches, according to Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog. Until now. With the recent opening of Subatomic Sandwiches in The Wolfsonian’s café, it is now possible to get a variety of stellar sandwiches. What makes these sandwiches so special? Everything… There are no run-of-the-mill deli meats or standard condiments to be found on the menu. Instead, the meats, sauces, condiments, and accompaniments are all homemade.

Power of Design 2014: Complaints

January 20 2014

Why do we complain? Our take? There’s method, purpose, and meaning to complaints. We complain, and then what? We can sit back and complain some more, or we can lean forward into problem solving. Choose the latter approach and complaints can lead to innovations and even solutions. Design itself, a problem-solving process, often originates with complaint.

The more we think about complaints and their generative qualities, the more we want to. As a result, this spring we’re organizing a multi-day, multidisciplinary event around the theme of complaints—and the solutions they generate. Power of Design 2014: Complaints takes place March 20–23 and is presented by The Wolfsonian–FIU and WLRN, in partnership with The Miami Herald Media Company. Power of Design is generously sponsored by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, an anonymous donor, Northern Trust, and Terra Group and its president and CEO, Wolfsonian board advisory board member David Martin.

Anthony Bourdain Co-Hosts Wolfsonian Dinner Inspired by Ocean Liner Materials

January 20 2014

Many people, upon introduction to The Wolfsonian’s substantial holdings of ocean liner materials, might imagine the bygone experience of a first-class intercontinental voyage during the golden age of sea travel. In contrast, Anthony Bourdain wondered what the food would be like en route. More specifically, the celebrity chef imagined creating a meal similar to one served aboard great passenger ships like the S.S. Ile de France and the S.S. Normandie.