March 28 2013

Now you and your refrigerator can both accessorize with Wolfsonian objects, courtesy of the new “objects” t-shirt ($20) and a series of very cool new magnets ($12), each of which features items from the collection. The beige, one hundred percent cotton t-shirt depicts silhouettes in black of several iconic objects from the collection arranged in the shape of a “W.” The magnets come in themed sheets of eight magnets arranged in a five-inch-by-seven-inch rectangle. The themes are Miami Beach, transportation, and metal objects. And for those of you who don’t want to leave home without something from The Wolfsonian to keep you company, the new, eminently portable water bag ($7.50) come in several cheerful metallic colors, carries 500 ml of water, and when empty can be rolled up and tucked away until next time. 

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