May 20 2014

We like form, we like functionality, and we like office supplies. The Wolfsonian’s Museum Shop carries several distinctive items that, while they may not inspire you to rush to your desk every morning, will help make you happier when you’re there. First up is the sleek and cheerful Klizia 97 Stapler ($24) designed by Ellepi, a small company located near Milan. Not only is the steel body sturdy enough to reliably staple up to sixteen pages, but it does it with a smile; in profile, this stapler is definitely grinning. The Museum Shop carries the stapler in both red and white. Of course, you can’t get a great new stapler without taking a serious look at your tape dispenser. We recommend the stainless steel tape dispenser by Folle ($115)—it’s hefty and it means business, but it’s also sculptural, curved, and it looks darn good on a desk. Said desk is likely to house some books—for them, the handsome Lesezeichen metal bookmark ($35), decorated with either a circle or diamond shape at the top, gets the job done with panache. Taking a step back from the desk, getting to the office presumably involves keys. The Wolfsonian’s key tags ($15), stamped with relevant words, are standing by, waiting to help you organize your key collection. The key tags come in multiple colors—words include Wolfsonian, Object, Propaganda, Miami Beach, Art Deco, Curator, Museum, and Fine Art. For those who have not been to the Museum Shop lately, there are several shelves designated as a sales section with a rotating stock of items offered at half price. For more information, contact [1] or 305.535.2680. 


Klizia 97 Stapler by Ellepi