Image Rights & Reproductions

Reproduction Request Form

The Wolfsonian–FIU would like users to make productive use of materials found on this site or the Digital Images Catalog, particularly if the uses are for non-profit educational purposes.

Licensing and Copyright It is the user’s responsibility to ensure their use does not violate any third party’s rights. Unless rights of use are clearly stated with respect to an individual item, users must seek permission from the copyright owner for all uses that are not allowed by fair use and other provisions of the U. S. Copyright Act.

Ordering If you wish to order a high-resolution file of an image, please complete the Request for Photographic Material. You will be contacted as soon as possible with information about licensing. The licence is primarily to clarify the above understanding about copyright. Whenever possible we will provide any and all copyright information that we have.

Fair Use Materials on this site may be used for research, instruction, and private study under the provisions of Fair Use. Fair Use is a provision of United States Copyright Law (United States Code, Title 17, section 107) which allows limited use of copyrighted materials under certain conditions. Factors to be considered whether a particular use falls under Fair Use include: - The purpose or character of the use; - The nature of the copyrighted work; - The amount and substantiality of the work being used; - The effect of the use on the market for and value of the original. Under Fair Use you may view, print, photocopy, and download images from this site without prior permission, provided that you provide proper attribution of the source on all copies. There are several good sources of information about copyright and Fair Use on the web. For additional information, please visit the Copyright Advisory Office of Columbia University.

Technical Specifications Images available on our site are low-resolution which means they are best for screen-use (web/slideshow, etc.). We are happy to provide higher-resolution images suitable for printing, please complete the Request for Photographic Material. Minimal processing fees may be charged to cover our staffing but no additional licensing fee will be charged for academic and non-profit use.

Attribution Users must cite the author/artist, if applicable, and source of this material as they would material from any printed work; the citation must include the name of the museum and the URL of the image from the website.

Copyright Owners If you are a copyright owner and have an inquiry about or issue with material on this website please consult the Florida International University DMCA Notice for policy and contact information.

Rush Orders We have a limited amount of staff time to devote to orders. If your order requires new photography or other complications exist involving the movement of the object, the order may take several weeks to fullfill. We may be able to accomodate rush requests but will insist upon a negotiated fee to cover the staff time.

Fee Schedule For further information, please e-mail Rights & Reproductions.

High-Resolution Image Files Commercial Use Non-Profit/Academic Use**
Pre-Existing File (of sufficient quality for proposed use) 100 0
New Photography 300 0

License & Permission for Use Commercial Use Non-Profit/Academic Use*
Publication (print) 250 (interior) / 300 (cover) 0
Exhibition 250 0
Publication (electronic) 250 0

All licensees agree to the Terms Governing Reproductions of Works of Art Additional fees will be charged for rush orders. A research or technical assistance fee of $45 an hour may apply in some cases. Shipping and handling (if applicable) not included. A 7% sales tax will be added to all Florida charges, except for non-profit institutions with a sales tax exemption number. Requests for permission to reproduce an image for publication, printed or electronic, must be made in writing via the Request for Photographic Material to The Wolfsonian and should include the intended use (edition number, area of distribution and number of copies to be printed and languages to be used), the publisher, title of the publication, author, and expected date of publication.

*Determination of whether a given use is in the “Non-Profit/Academic” category is solely at the discretion of the museum staff based upon the following criteria: - Academic subject matter - Print run or pressing of 2000 copies or less - Non-profit academic journal - Educational website that does not accept paid advertisements, and whose primary purpose is not commercial, and whose primary purpose does not include the selling of merchandise.

*All orders will be prioritized and balanced based on when they are recieved and the staff resources available to meet them. If you place a large order or a large number of orders other requests subsequently recieved may be addressed before your order has been entirely completed. The Wolfsonian reserves the right to limit the number of images provided to any one party in order to share limited staff resources with as many requestors as possible. If you have a large number of items you wish to see digitized please contact us - we are always happy to discuss the digitization process and potential sources of funding to speed it up.