Affiliate Groups

Collectors’ Council
The Wolfsonian–FIU Collectors’ Council comprises local, national, and international collectors who support the museum’s mission and share a common interest in the decorative, design, architectural, and propaganda arts. The purpose of the Council is to support the curatorial department and special collections library of The Wolfsonian in their work to strengthen and deepen their holdings, to develop relationships with other collectors and institutions with shared interests, and to develop more in-depth exhibitions.

The Council meets annually, in conjunction with a Wolfsonian–FIU Advisory Board meeting. Members agree to be available to the museum’s collection staff on an as-needed basis, individually or collectively, through electronic and/or conference call meetings. Participation on this Council requires a donation of $5,000 per year; all funds are used to seed or support existing curatorial projects or acquisition(s). The donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. In lieu of a cash gift, members of the Council may donate an object (in consultation with the curatorial staff) of equal or higher value.

The Alliance supports the international activities of The Wolfsonian–FIU. The group unites for an annual international trip, and occasional trips to U.S. cities, to visit significant exhibitions and private collections appealing to enthusiasts intrigued by the decorative, propaganda, and applied arts in the museum’s period, 1880-1945. Alliance members are invited to attend all Wolfsonian events, and those of its sister institution in Genoa, Italy, The Wolfsoniana . Membership in the Alliance requires a contribution of $5,000 for individual membership, $8,000 for dual membership. Additional costs related to Alliance trips and events is the responsibility of Alliance members.

The Wolfsonian Visionaries is a dynamic group distinguished by its members’ shared enthusiasm for design. As Wolfsonian ambassadors to the greater community, the Visionaries members stimulate interest and excitement about the museum; develop exciting events; create networks; and helps raise funds to support Wolfsonian exhibitions, programs, and acquisitions.

Visionaries members contribute $200 to The Wolfsonian annually, and attend Visionaries programs and events, inviting friends and potential members when appropriate. The Visionaries’ steering committee works with group members to develop ideas for programming, lectures, and events and creates potential fundraising activities to support the museum. Additional benefits of being a Visionaries member include access to unique Wolfsonian programs and events created by the Visionaries, including lectures, trips, and private exhibition tours.